AdonyxMen God Like Physique


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AdonyxMen God Like Physique
AdonyxMen – God Like Physique | 1.52 GB

ATTENTION: The “Stupid-Easy” System For Creating
The Ultimate “Male Model” Physique
That Makes Girls Go Absolutely Apesht!
The underlying goal for this entire program is to build yourself an aesthetic physique that girls crave. Right?
That means having a ripped chest, shoulder boulders, arms, legs, calves, abnominals, back, traps.. (oh wait, that is every part of you)
And NOT juicy bodybuilder/freakish looking. I mean, clean, ripped, chiseled. aesthetically pleasing as fuck.
At each expertise level you will experience incredible gains, but be true to yourself!
You will NOT progress as quickly lifting at an Adonyx level if you truly should be lifting at a beginner level.
This Program Has Been Engineered to Advance Anyone’s Body to The Adonyx Level
My complete system for attaining the ultimate male physique that makes women completely fall in love (and/or lust) with me at a moment’s glance.
There’s a lot of confusing information out there about diet and fitness. Trust me, I fell for a lot of it myself.
I wanted to create a program that focused on one thing and one thing only:
Creating a body that makes girls practically faint right in front of you.
That’s it.
So I stripped away all the traditional bodybuilding bro-science, and I threw out the cardio and crossfit nonsense to give you a program that teaches you how to get an Aesthetically amazing body in record time without any BS.
In The Adonyx Method, I’m giving you a simple, clear-cut guide on what to do and what not to do in order to achieve the body of your dreams.
It’s the guide I wish I had when I started out.
What you will learn:

– The science of muscle-building. Why progressive overload is EVERYTHING.
– ​The real truth about how to burn FAT. And keep it off permanently.
– ​Your own personal metabolism explained.
– ​Why different bodies grow differently & how to optimize for your own body.
– ​The major Male muscle-groups and how to make each one grow.
– Why cardio sucks and why it’s unnecessary.
– How Abs happen. And how to make them pop.
– ​Progressive Training Segmentation. (my unique protocol)
– ​Why you SHOULDN’T train like a bodybuilder.
– Iso-Carb Alteration – Real nutrition made simple.
– The beginner body. How to grow when you’re just starting out.
– ​Advanced growth secrets for blasting past plateaus.
– ​Why rest matters.
– ​Supplements that matter. (and really make a difference)
– And more.





AdonyxMen God Like Physique


AdonyxMen God Like Physique