Adrian Sommeling – Workshop Realistic compositions Light and Portraits


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Adrian Sommeling - Workshop Realistic compositions Light and Portraits
Adrian Sommeling – Workshop Realistic compositions Light and Portraits
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Photography | MP4
In this more than 9 hours video tutorial I will show you in a few steps, how to create from a simple portrait an awesome, advertising ready, image. I will explain you about what you have to know about light. I will show you the light setups and how to process the photos. We will simulate natural light with studio lights. We gonna create depth of field in Photoshop. We will add snow and rain to a portrait and much more. Don’t let the light control you. be in control!!

In this tutorial we will process 5 different portraits. I will teach you two major habits of light that you need to know in order to be able to simulate all types of lights and moods. I will also show you for each portrait the light setup and explain, why I used it in the way I used it for the portraits.
We start with a simple studio portrait. In this chapter I will teach you how to use the frequency separation technique. A different way of dodge and burning compared to what you use to see in my other tutorials. We will mask the hair and gonna create a background.
In the second and third portrait, we will concentrate on two lifestyle photos. Here we will simulate natural light and we will create an artificial depth of field. We will also add with a brush some snow to the scene, in one of the images, to complete it.
The fourth and fifth portrait will be more of a movie poster style kind of image. Besides some different light setups compared to the previous portraits we will also take more time to create a good background. To complete the images and make them even more awesome we will add rain to the scene.
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