Alexander Zamorin and Sophie Lebedeva – Emotional Portrait


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Alexander Zamorin and Sophie Lebedeva - Emotional Portrait
Alexander Zamorin and Sophie Lebedeva – Emotional Portrait
Genre: eLearning | Language: English
Main topics: shooting technique and secrets of an emotional portrait, psychological portrait. Composition in a portrait, children’s emotional photographs, female and male portraits.

Course program:
Lesson 1. Technique for shooting emotional portraits
Lesson 2. Secrets of an emotional portrait
Lesson 3. Methods of emancipation of the portrayed
Lesson 4. Composition in portraiture and photogenicity
Lesson 5. Enhancing emotions through composition
Lesson 6. Working with the model body
Lesson 7. Poses for male portraits
Lesson 8. Poses for female portraits
Lesson 9. Children’s portraits with emotions
Lesson 10. Create a mood in photography
Lesson 11. Working with different light sources
In the course you will learn:
How to liberate a person in front of the camera;
How to remove the excitement before shooting yourself and the portrait;
How to arrange for communication of any person and create a comfortable atmosphere during the photo shoot;
What is the difference between shooting male and female portraits, what approach should be used in each case;
How to bring a portrait to a specific emotion
For example: laughter, surprise, interest, embarrassment, tenderness, cunning, bitchiness, “eyes in love”, thoughtfulness, modesty, arrogance, sincere admiration, etc.
You will learn:
Take emotional and lively portraits anywhere – on the street, in the studio, at a party, at a wedding, and anywhere else.
Communicate calmly with new people, confidently conduct photo shoots with unfamiliar models and get high-quality results.
Work with the poses in the portrait, correctly put men and women in front of the camera to get natural and beautiful photos.
Set up the camera and skillfully set the light, taking into account the peculiarity of emotional portraits and dynamic shooting.
Create bright and fiery portraits of your friends that you want to look at again and again!

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