Alpha Masculinity with Carlos Xuma


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Alpha Masculinity with Carlos Xuma
Carlos Xuma – Alpha Masculinity | SIZE: 2,77 GB

Learn To Supercharge The Masculine Confidence
You Have NOW To Get Any Woman You Desire.”
Why Most Of The Dating Gurus Are Feeding You
The ULTIMATE LIE Of Attraction –
And How You Can Create Instant
Natural Attraction With Women.

Have you tried to be the Nice Guy – the kind of man that women SAY they want – but you found out the hard way that women don’t really want “nice”?
You know that women SHOULD be knocking down your door because of how well you’d treat them and all the great things you do for them, but you get no results – just frustration – and nowhere near the kind of sexual satisfaction you deserve.
You REFUSE to be a “jerk” because that’s not who you really are. but the “nice guy” routine just leaves you stuck in the “Friends-Only Zone” over and over again. And now you’re just plain lost, confused, and frustrated about what women want.
Does it seem like a “woman’s world” and you’re scrambling to get ONE GOOD ONE – and keep from going crazy at the same time? And why do other guys have all the luck with women?
The answer is simpler than you can imagine. Here’s the cold, hard truth.
You Need To MAN UP.
Get your balls back – and make your ancestors PROUD of you.
Here’s What You Need To Do To
Hit The “Turbo-Charge” Nitrous Injection
On Your Dating Life.
It’s time for you to reclaim your masculinity.
Your birthright is to be the man you were born to be, without guilt or fear or anger or shame.
It’s a woman’s world, my friend, and you need to know the New Rules to being a MAN if you’re going to survive out there.
Especially when it comes to meeting and attracting women, because you don’t want to just survive – you want to THRIVE.
Women need us more than ever to get it together and MAN UP.
I sent out a survey asking over 750 guys like you what they needed to feel like a man. Do you know what most of their answers came down to?

– They didn’t feel like they could approach women.
– They didn’t feel like they could take any risks with women.
– They didn’t feel like they could deal with possible rejection from women.
– They didn’t feel like they could act on their masculine desires with women.
– They didn’t feel like they could “take it to the next level” with women.

The bottom line is that guys feel like they’re struggling and fighting their own FEAR OF WOMEN – and fear of being a man – especially if it means scaring off or possibly getting a woman angry with him.
When I talked to women, they told me they’re frustrated and tired of men that want their approval.
The final verdict?
Women just want men to be MEN – without apologies or permission!
And they want us to be this way in our relationships most of all.
A Unique Approach Makes It Easy
To Find Your Masculine Confidence.
You see, when you have this masculine edge to your life, you’ll instantly have access to the power source you need to do whatever you want to do.
When you’re tapped into your masculinity, you will:

– – Know how to communicate to women on a GUT level that you are a MAN, and she should both desire you and respect you.
– – Know how to be “REAL” and genuine with a woman, without fear that you’re going to be “caught” or slip up and ruin it with her.
– – Know the answers to the “small stuff” in dating that seems to trip you up all the time. like when to call, how many times to call, and what to say when you finally talk to her.
– – Know how to avoid feeling hurt or shamed by your interactions with women and turn every conversation into powerful, no-apology, confident banter.
– – You’ll be able to finally let go of the Nice Guy that has been dogging you for years, killing attraction with women, and making you settle for less than you deserve.
– – Feel like you’ve conquered your fears and doubts about yourself and feel your value to women.
– – Feel like you can walk up to anyone and talk to them without the constant nagging fear of rejection and failure.
– – Get rid of your frustration that eats away at your confidence and your self-esteem – for good!
– – Stop feeling needy and dependent on other people’s approval for your self worth – especially women.
– – Stop feeling angry and helpless and lost – unable to control your own life.
– – Break out of the trap that’s holding you in the clutches of confusion and insecurity.
– Stop feeling like you’re letting yourself and women down when you can’t get up the courage you need.
– – Stop feeling like the little boy that’s nervous, insecure, and inadequate about himself.
– – No more panic, worry, or feeling powerless.

It’s Time To Take The Red Pill.
Yeah, I realize it’s easy to wear out that Matrix metaphor, but I want you to realize that – just like Neo did in the movie – you can make a decision that will literally change the course of your life forever.
Someone famous once said that it’s in the moments of decision that our destiny is forged.
In fact, the opportunity to seize that opportunity when it comes along is one of the skills a man MUST have to get a woman to feel deep emotional attraction for him.
State Of The Art Techniques For
Attracting Women RIGHT NOW By
Changing Your Bad Habits Into
Molten Chemistry With Women.
What I did was to pull together all the information I’d learned over the years about what it takes to be a REAL MAN.

– I got out all the books I’d read.
– I re-listened to all the tapes I’d bought over the years.
– I even spent a couple weeks emptying my head into my journal, remembering all those manhood lessons my dad taught me as a kid, and that I’d been taught by my relatives and the other mature guys in my life.

Then I went to all my male friends and asked them what they had learned about being a man. Specifically – what were the hardest lessons they learned that they’d want to pass along to guys to save them all the pain they went through.
Not the fluffy, New-Age, just-be-confident nonsense that you hear a lot about, either.
Look, I’m all about spirituality, but I hate getting advice that pumps me up but doesn’t tell me what I have to do – specifically, step-by-step – to get me where I want to go.
I wanted a roadmap. but if you’ve ever followed a map, it’s never the same, is it? When you’re looking down from above, it all seems so simple: turn left here, right here, etc. When you’re ON THE STREET, everything changes and looks different.
What you need is a street-level 3-D view of the terrain.
Complete with all the markers – so you know where you are and where you’re going – AND you don’t miss any turns along the way and wind up lost.
Alpha Masculinity – No More Mr. Nice Guy!
How To Be A Man In A Woman’s World





Alpha Masculinity with Carlos Xuma


Alpha Masculinity with Carlos Xuma