Andrew Foxwell – AAA Program: Assessment, Action, Ascension

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Andrew Foxwell – AAA Program: Assessment, Action, Ascension
Andrew Foxwell – AAA Program: Assessment, Action, Ascension | 8.07 GB

What You Get:
Phase One: Assessment
– Phase 1: The Customer Assessment
– Phase 1: Reporting Overview
– Phase 1: Understanding The difference between Hard and Soft Metrics
– Phase 1: Reporting Discussion Between Pros
– Phase 1: Google Data Studio Supermetrics Reporting.
– Resources: Basic Financial Literacy for Clients
– Resources: Reporting Worksheet Template One
– Resources: Reporting Worksheet Template Two
– Resources: Founders Membership Preview: Optimization Walkthrough
– Resources For Beginners: How to Optimize Accounts Right Now
– Resources: MER vs aMER Worksheet
– Resources: Advanced Deep Audit of a Meta Account

Phase Two: Action
– Phase 2: Full Funnel Set-up and Targeting Research
– Phase 2: Placement Considerations and Technical Notes
– Phase 2: How One Agency Thinks About Optimization
– Resources: How to set a cost cap bid properly
– Resources: Landing Page Inspiration
– Resources: Website Teardowns and Audits with Kurt Elster (Interview)
– Resources: 17 Quick Wins to Improve Your DTC Landing Page

Phase Three: Creative
– Phase 3: Building and Sourcing Creative
– Phase 3: Story Boarding, Different Platform Creative Examples and Creative Review
– Phase 3: Creative Testing, Analysis and Scaling
– Phase 3: Creative Reporting
– Resources: How To Set Up A Creative Testing Structure
– Resources: How To Get Influencers for UGC, A Playbook (Interview)
– Resources: Mini-Masterclass: Why Humans Buy Anything
– Resources: Creative Testing & Analysis Map
– Resources: TikTok Spark Ads Instructions for Creators
– Resources: TikTok Ads Best Practices 2022
– Resources: TikTok Ads Safe Zone Template
– Resources: IG Reels Ads Safe Zone Template
– Resources: IG Stories Ads Safe Zone Template

Phase Four: Diversification
– Phase 4: A beginners guide to TikTok Ads with Brad Klein
– Phase 4: Google Performance Max and YouTube Ads
– Phase 4: Email and SMS Basics
– Resources: Google: Affinity Audiences for Brand Advertisers
– Resources: TikTok Ads – Best Practices
– Resources: TikTok Ads Mastery and Tips, with Cody Plofker
– Resources: Google Ads Deep Account Audit – Live Walkthrough
– Resources: Performance Max Resources

Phase Five: Tech Checks
– Phase 5: Pixel Check-up
– Phase 5: Understanding Aggregated Event Measurement (AEM)
– Phase 5: Conversion API (CAPI) Check Up
– Phase 5: Catalog Set-up.mp4
– Resources: Meta Outage Notifications – Slack RSS Feed





Andrew Foxwell – AAA Program: Assessment, Action, Ascension