Anton Kreil – Professional Option Trading Masterclass POTM


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Anton Kreil - Professional Option Trading Masterclass POTM
Anton Kreil – Professional Option Trading Masterclass POTM | 8.13 GB

Managing Partner
Anton is the Managing Partner of the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management, an independent global community of 425 Traders across 22 countries.

Anton manages and oversees the Institute Community, the Institute parent company’s (Jakubstadt Holdings) global portfolio (as Managing Partner) via Corporate trading accounts from Singapore and his own long-term investments outside the Institute (Non- Disclosed Total Exposure).

This item Includes:
(1) Video Training (28 Videos)
(2) Practice Guide (PDF)
(3) Spreadsheets
+ POTM video 1_Defining the Mandate 1
+ POTM video 2_Defining the Mandate 2
+ POTM video 3_Filtering Options Trading Strategies for Usefulness_(new)
+ POTM video 4_Marginal Benefits of Options Trading 1 – Advantages_(new)
+ POTM video 5_Marginal Benefits of Options Trading 2 – Disadvantages_(new)
+ POTM video 6_Long Call and Put Options Formalized_(new)
+ POTM video 7_Naked Short Puts _(new)
+ POTM video 8_Naked Short Calls_(new)
+ POTM video 9_The Covered Call_(new)
+ POTM Video 10_The Covered Call Collar_(new)
+ POTM video 11_Index Options and Portfolio Hedging Methods_(new)
+ POTM video 12_Options Spreads 1_(new)
+ POTM video 13_Options Spreads 2_(new)
+ POTM video 14_Market Makers, Volatility _ Greeks_(new)
+ POTM Video 15_Recap What We Have Learnt So Far_(new)
+ POTM video 16_Ratio Spreads 1_(new)
+ POTM Video 17_Ratio Spreads 2_(new)
+ POTM video 18_Ladder Spreads 1 _(new)
+ POTM Video 19_Ladder Spreads 2
+ POTM Video 20_Volatility Masterclass 1_(new)
+ POTM Video 21_Volatility Masterclass 2_(new)
+ POTM Video 22_Long Straddles_(new)
+ POTM Video 23_Long Strangles_(new)
+ POTM Video 24_Strap Straddle_(new)
+ POTM Video 25_Strip Straddle _(new)
+ POTM Video 26_Strap Strangle_(new)
+ POTM Video 27_Strip Strangle_(new)
+ POTM Video 28_Recap and Exam Preparation _(new)



Anton Kreil - Professional Option Trading Masterclass POTM