BeachBody – P90X ONE on ONE with Tony Horton Volume 3


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BeachBody - P90X ONE on ONE with Tony Horton Volume 3
BeachBody – P90X ONE on ONE with Tony Horton Volume 3 | 7.49 GB

Feeling elated after the P90X? The P90X One-on-One program will take you one step further. Together with Tony you will experience the new P90X programs: MC2 ™, the next level of the P90X. One-on-one personal trainings do not contain anything superfluous, they are conducted directly from the training site without a pre-written script; With every new disc released every month, you will add a lot to your Muscle Confusion ™ workouts.

Disc 1: Chest, Back and Balls – Chest, Back, Balls and Strong Nerves – Forget about traditional push-ups and pull-ups and try exercises that only come to mind – “Oh my God”, such as plyometric push-ups using three balls. These modes are designed to work most of the muscles in the body while focusing on the core stabilizer muscles. To do this workout you will have to “turn on” your inner Zen warrior.
Disc 2: ARX2 – “Great Abs” – How long can you “cycle” while alternating straight arm swings to make your abs “scream”? Challenge yourself with this workout packed with killer exercises that engage your core from chest to quads. And sometimes even triceps. Inertia is excluded.
Disc 3: Shoulders & Arms: MC2 – Shoulders & Arms: MC2 – Come on, show your biceps. But don’t expect the rest of your body to come off easily. For example, work with Tony on your triceps on a gymnastic ball and feel how your hip flexors, core muscles – and your whole body feel. Tip: you better hide your ego somewhere far away.
Disc 4: Base & Back – Base & Back – Warning: This workout is ruthless. Each lower body exercise is a plyometric exercise. You will work your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves to see where the real strength comes from. To achieve the perfect balance, the workout includes super-explosive sets (different types of pull-ups) on the upper body. (“The workout consists of pull-ups and plyometric leg movements. – in my opinion it is the legs and back. Base. In my opinion he meant that base & back workout is the mother of all workouts in P90X2, this is the main workout. This is the base, the foundation, the foundation. Plyometrics in Р90Х2 it is “our everything”, it is in many trainings Р90Х2 “vanoivanov00)
Disc 5: Yoga: MC2 – Yoga: MC2 – Yoga is a real source of youth. How do you get the most out of each exercise? The secret is breathing. Prepare to learn some subtleties as well, such as how calf raises and hand positions increase the load. Don’t expect a walk in the park.
Disc 6: Plyocide – Plioside – Before training even Tony said she scared him. Get ready for real torture. Among the exercises – jumping out of the squat position with pulling the knees in a jump to the arms. You will also have to concentrate before doing some of the exercises in order to think about the coordination of movements. This is top notch plyometrics. Start sweating now.
Disc 7: Stretch & Recovery – Stretching & Recovery – Squat like a frog. Meet a happy cow. And sit in the double dove pose. All from Tony’s Stretching & Recovery workout. Be sure your muscles will beg for mercy, but you will improve stretching, increase the range of motion, which will help make your workouts injury-free.
Disc 8: V Sculpt – Making a V Shape – Hello America, it’s time to find out how to achieve this V shape. In this workout, Tony alternates exercises for his back and biceps muscles, torturing each muscle group equally. The exercises of this workout, which include pull-ups with an average reverse grip without swinging and helping the legs for the muscles of the back, exercises with a shock absorber for the biceps, will make you a real athlete.
Disc 9: Core Synergistics: MC2 – Cora Synergy: MC2 – Hi handsome, do you think you already know the Cora Synergy? Before answering, try this heat-generating, non-stop, multi-disciplinary, multi-function workout that engages the whole body. Tony’s been sweating a lot to put it all together, so don’t miss the chance.
Disc 10: Upper Body X – Upper Body X – Everything Live in Real Time, Guys! This endless, sophisticated workout uses dumbbells and shock absorbers to develop your upper body muscles. Here, up-dog and down-dog alternating push-ups, four-ball push-ups or side dumbbell lifts with forward bends will make you sweat and swear. Like Tony himself.
Disc 11: P.A.P. – P.A.P. (post-activation potentiation) – In this workout you will have to do a long warm-up aimed at developing neuromuscular coordination and adaptive abilities “because you really need them.” P.A.P. uses muscles differently, developing their explosive power. From side jump lunges to in



BeachBody - P90X ONE on ONE with Tony Horton Volume 3