Beachbody Tai Cheng Workout


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Beachbody Tai Cheng Workout
Beachbody – Tai Cheng Workout (Dr. Mark Cheng) |16.1 GB

Renew your youthful energy in 90 days with the Tai Cheng healing movement.
Created by Dr. Mark Cheng, this low-impact program combines 18 fundamental Tai Chi movements with 21st century sports science.
It includes 12 discs – the 1st training disc and various fitness devices so that you turn the clock back and feel fantastic!

Tai Cheng is based on the art of Tai Chi and turned into a home program for your personal use. 90 days of classes will bring you great benefits. Strength will develop without tension. If you gave birth to a child, or underwent surgery to replace the hip joint, then you probably do not have enough strength.
If plyometric exercises are part of your program, then you want to use all your strength. Tai Cheng helps you find out where your limitations, problems, and what slows you down. Tai Cheng uses to restore (for example, after replacing the t / b joint) sideways movement to balance. Our body also moves forward in order to recover. Exercise, form of execution and balance are very important for success in this program.
Functional fitness and modern sports medicine approve and appreciate the influence of the old-school Tai Chi. Whatever form you are in, Tai Cheng is suitable for everyone! This is a system of recovery and recovery. This is a 13-week regimen that rehabilitates the body. It makes people mobile, active, physically trained. You can also better deal with pain! This system affects your physique, structure and muscles in such a way that you will get much more benefit from your usual (familiar) exercises. Disc 1: You learn everything you need to conquer Tai Cheng. Dr. Cheng reveals every movement so you can see how it should be done.
Wheels 2-4: You learn the 6 movements of Tai Chi, combining them in a sequence that increases strength, expands the capabilities of the body and reduces pain.
Wheels 5-7 will teach new movements to increase energy, burn fat, develop strength and balance.
Discs 8-10 The last 6 movements that are needed in the development of Tai Chi are presented.
Wheels 11-13 will guide you through the execution of all 18 movements.
Fitness Guide: Practical Tips on Exercise Technique and Mind and Body Reconstruction. Nutrition tips: use this material to find tasty and simple dishes for health, rejuvenation and energy boost.
90-day calendar: The entire sequence is written. Follow and mark the progress.
Bonus 14 drive: Sports and travel. How to use Tai Cheng for great success and pleasure in the sport that you already do and exercises that you can do while traveling (even on the plane).
Disc 15: Workshop. Dr. Cheng guides you step by step through all the movements in a graceful and full force sequence. You will execute it in 3 paces: slow for balance, strength and stability, moderate for comfort, fast for creating energy in the body. You will use this disc again and again to practice and strengthen the result.
Disc 16: Qigong. Learn and practice the ancient practice of qigong: breathing exercises to improve mental performance and the greater benefits of Tai Cheng movements. First, master the “charging” series, then the “1st level” to relax and increase the flow of oxygen and the “2nd level” to control breathing and more energy. This will help to connect to a greater potential within you.
Master Workout Calendar follow this calendar and you will know what to do 15 and 16 disc programs every day.
In an interview, Dr. Cheng talks about how his father discovered the art of Tai Chi. He likes the integrity of Tai Chi, the ability to restore the body (even after a fight). Everyone has their own battle (with pain, with the struggle for vitality every day) and Tai Chi is suitable for everything. Nowadays, people, as adults, lose the mobility that they naturally possessed in childhood. This program restores the movements that we have lost and significantly expands the capabilities of the body. Tai Cheng is made for everyone. Regardless of your level, it will either be a stepping stone on the path, or, if you have already trained, it will raise your level much higher. A specialist in traditional Chinese orthopedics (a doctorate in acupuncture and Chinese medicine), Dr. Cheng uses Tai Chi, qigong and functional training, which he studied with Pavel Tsatsulin



Beachbody Tai Cheng Workout


Beachbody Tai Cheng Workout