Beachbody – XB Sweat + Sculpt 2023



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Beachbody - XB Sweat + Sculpt 2023
Beachbody – XB Sweat + Sculpt 2023 | 7.21 GB

Put the fun in fitness with easy-to-follow cardio-dance and powerful sculpting intervals for the perfect mix of sweat and strength. Press play on this 3-week program for just 30 minutes a day, and leave feeling lean, toned, and strong.

Bring joy to your fitness with fresh cardio-dance moves and powerful sculpting sequences. Created by Andrea Rogers, XB Sweat + Sculpt is perfect for you if you’re looking to move your body and have fun while working out. The choreography is easy to follow and each workout is just 30 minutes, so you can jump right in whether you love to dance, you’re just getting started, or you simply want to sculpt and define your entire body while building strength.
XB Sweat + Sculpt is the perfect hybrid of cardio-dance and total-body sculpting. Andrea’s Sweat workouts alternate between intervals of follow-along cardio-dance and sculpting sequences to help slay calories and carve lean muscle. Her Sculpt workouts dial down the speed, focusing on slower, more controlled movements to help you strengthen and tone from head to toe. Andrea also created five bonus XB Sweat + Sculpt Express Workouts between 10–15 minutes each. Stack these onto your regular workouts or do them on their own when you’re short on time.