Blender VFX Course – From Beginner To Pro


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Blender VFX Course - From Beginner To Pro
Blender VFX Course – From Beginner To Pro | 8.85 GB

Hello and welcome to my Blender VFX course. My name is Jacob and I’m a Visual Effects Artist based out of the United States.

I currently work full time as a Visual Effects generalist and Nuke compositor in the film and advertising industry having worked with clients such as Nvidia and L’Oréal throughout my career. I have experience across multiple different mediums from music videos all the way to feature films and have grown an online community of artist across the world in learning Visual Effects using Blender.
What you will Learn:
Blender Basics
Camera Tracking
Working with 3D Assets
Creating Multiple CGI Passes
Rendering CGI
Compositing Multiple CGI Passes
Frame Composition
Basic Modeling
Basic Texturing
Projection mapping
Optimizing a 3D scene
Planar Tracking
Ways to Decrease Render Time
Tips to Increase Efficiency
In this course I wanted to focus on using Blender as a tool for 3D Visual Effects so we can create captivating worlds and bring them to the big screen. We will start by learning all of Blender’s tools and basics, then we will dive into the exciting world of camera tracking to where you’ll be able to track any footage you want, Next we’ll go over compositing in Blender and some of the amazing tools to make your renders stand out, and then finally we’ll create a huge 3D scene from scratch and take you through the entire process of creating professional looking Visual Effects all inside of Blender. We will be covering 5 individual complete VFX shots with a ton more examples showcasing a multitude of different scenarios you might encounter. Of course all of the assets and footage I use will be provided for you to follow along.
I really hope you learn a lot from this course and grow in your skills. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions and I’d more than happy to help out.
Now are you ready to get started with Visual Effects? I will see you in the first Chapter.



Blender VFX Course - From Beginner To Pro