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Brendan Kane – Viral Content Engineering
Brendan Kane – Viral Content Engineering | 8.20 GB

Discover What’s Possible With Viral Content Engineering.

Once you get access, you can.
– STOP:​ Working so hard on producing content that falls flat and gets little to no engagement.
– STOP:​ Wasting time and money using outdated methods that are not leading to consistent and predictable results.
– STOP:​ Procrastinating and feeling stuck, because you don’t understand what steps to take next or in which order for optimum results.

Instead you’ll quickly be able to.
– START:​ Accessing a proven content creation system that consistently produces videos that reach over 45 million views.
– START:​ Producing content that speaks the language your audience loves to engage with and wants to share with their friends.
– START:​ Building the skills you need to discern why some content achieves viral success and why others don’t. so you can quickly put those winning principles to work on your content.
– START:​ Creating content that competes with and often outperforms the biggest brands and celebrities on the planet.
– START:​ Standing out at the highest level by finding, creating, and using powerful Pattern Interrupts & Hook Points.
– START:​ Growing your reach and influence by finally using the power of social media to your advantage instead of sitting on the sidelines.

What You Get:
Module One: – Introductory Mindset & Analytics
Inside this module you’ll discover.
– Why traditional approaches don’t work.
– How to analyze content.
– The importance of a radical mind shift.
– How to apply the scientific approach to content creation.
– Using the Predictive Viral Content Model.
– Understanding common misconceptions.
– What are and how to use analytic drivers.
– Overcoming logical fallacies.
– And adjusting nuances for maximum virality.
– Plus more.

Module Two: – Research
Inside this module you’ll discover.
– How to recognize high-potential content.
– How to categorize and evaluate content by the correct performance metrics.
– The art of communication design.
– How to develop every piece of content into an interaction with the client.
– Plus more.

Module Three: – Ideation
Inside this module you’ll discover.
– The creation process used to consistently generate 45 million views per post.
– How to identify the underlying mechanisms in any piece of content.
– How to create effective, usable hypotheses.
– The correct way to “copy” effective content so it works for you.
– How to connect research all the way through to ideation.
– Plus more.

Module Four: – Production
Inside this module you’ll discover.
– The power of “pre-visualizing”
– How to incorporate research into content creation so you can’t miss.
– How to push to the top when posting content.
– How to set and adapt benchmarks within your process.
– How to complete the Capstone Content Creation Project.
– Plus more.

Module Five: – Business Development
Once you’ve mastered social media, it becomes an “insurance policy” for business, life, and work. It’s the ultimate leverage. That’s what I’ll share with you inside this module.
– How to stand out at the highest level.
– How to leverage Viral Content Engineering for maximum gain.
– How to effectively deliver any message.
– How to find and use Hook Points so you can “stop the scroll”.
– How to study external patterns and recognize them instantly.
– The best way to push forward to a sale.
– How practice makes it perfect.
– How to monetize your learning so you can start making bank.
– How to get a raise or the dream job no matter where you are now.
– How to identify potential clients that can give you everything you need.
– The best way to reinvest back into your #1 asset.
– How to read the room and master any meetings you may have on the horizon.
– How to use the Process Communication Model effectively.
– The best way to submit a proposal.
– How to price any project.
– How to close any deal.
– The best way to find the most qualified clients.
– How to scale your business in the quickest possible time.
– How using super-connectors can be the quickest way to success and where to find them.
– How to balance your outreach so you don’t burn your list.
– How to explore new opportunities without any risk to your reputation.
– Plus more.





Brendan Kane – Viral Content Engineering