CGMA – Dynamic Sketching 2 – Build Your Visual Library


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CGMA – Dynamic Sketching 2 – Build Your Visual Library

CGMA - Dynamic Sketching 2 - Build Your Visual Library
CGMA – Dynamic Sketching 2 – Build Your Visual Library | 8.3GB

Build your visual library
Foundational drawing is the most important aspect of being a designer. This class is designed to take the lessons from Dynamic Sketching 1, and further the practice of applying those skills in onsite drawing while creating new concepts from particular themes.

There will be more exploration on the student’s part in going out and finding the required sites to draw. This is a heavier workload and more intensive training compared to the previous Dynamic Sketching 1 class. The student should be prepared to work coming into this class. It is preferred that the students locate a site for onsite drawing related to the weekly subject rather than drawing from reference.

LECTURE TYPEre-recorded
FEEDBACK:Individual recordings
DURATION:8 weeks
ASSIGNMENTue each week. Expect to spend 8-10 hrs/wk viewing lectures, q&a, and time on assignments.
Q&Ance a week
MATERIALS:Sketchbook with brown paper, felt-tip black pens (see syllabus for details), wide Copic marker (see syllabus for details), white color pencil, Uniball Signo white gel pen, scanner or camera to scan/photograph homework assignments
SKILLS LEVEL:Intermediate
PREREQUISITESynamic Sketching 1, Perspective

The more you know, the better.

Week 1 | Recap
Recap of Dynamic Sketching 1 | Warm up exercises | Drawing techniques | Importance of contours and 5 forms | How-to project

Week 2 | Insects
Overall breakdown of insects | Form language within the insect world | Drawing different types of insects | Line quality and hatching – different surfaces and materials

Week 3 | Bones
Starting with simple forms | Connecting the big forms | Transitional forms and looking for landmarks | Drawing different types of skeletons and fossils

Week 4 | Creating a Design Process
Thinking about reference | Doing studies | Brainstorming, iterations, and final design | Designing with volume

Week 5 | Hard Surfaces Part 1: Cars
Profile views | Wheels | Thumbnails | Controlling proportion and detail | Hatching and indicating reflections | Bringing it all together

Week 6 | Hard Surfaces Part 2: Military Vehicles
How to approach tanks | Simple forms/box idea | Chiselling away like a sculpture | Figuring out the details | Hatching and lighting | Vehicles with curves

Week 7 | Hard Surfaces Part 3: Planes
Forms of a plane | Grounded plane | Material indication | Plane in air | Creating the focal point

Week 8 | Recap and Final Design
Applying what we are learning to a final design and workflow | Designing vehicles and tech | Brainstorming in Photoshop | Thumbnail traditionally | Applying color as accents | Indicate, do not render






CGMA - Dynamic Sketching 2 - Build Your Visual Library