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Charles Black – Get Control Fast
Charles Black – Get Control Fast | 2,7 GB

Discover How You Can Last 30+ Minutes Longer And Give Her Multiple Orgasms Without Creams, Condoms or Nerve Numbing Pills
Skip the humiliation of Premature Ejaculation and last longer in bed by learning how to come on command. This works for even the most severe cases.

Use some of these tricks for an instant 10-15 minute boost tonight
I’ve created a new training program.
And I have very cleverly called it Get Control Fast because it will show you step by step how you can last longer in bed.FAST!
In just six weeks you’ll go from minute man to marathon man.
You’ll learn the scientifically proven tricks, techniques and strategies that I’ve taught my clients and that I use every single time I have sex.
And I can guarantee that if you go through this program, apply the techniques you WILL last longer.
If that’s not enough, some of the tricks I reveal, you can even apply tonight for an instant 5-10 minute “boost”.

Here is EVERYTHING I’m Going to Cover in Get Control Fast:
6 Rules That You MUST Follow if You Want to Last Longer in Bed
7 Steps You Must Follow to Ensure You’re Successful at Solving Your Performance Issue
8 Myths So-called Experts Would Have You Believe That Actually Make Your Premature Ejaculation Problem Worse
7 Little Known Causes of Premature Ejaculation
Exercises That Will Take You From Minute Man to Marathon Man
Unique Sex Simulation Method to Train Yourself Out of Premature Ejaculation
Easy to Follow 6 Week Challenge to Solve Your Performance Issues For Good!
Simple Sex Positions That Will Keep You Going Forever (and Give Her Ultimate Satisfaction)
REVEALED: 9 Tricks to Use to Last Longer Immediately (Use These Sparingly)
BONUS 1: 6 Step Plan To Come Faster (You’ll Need This After You Learn to Get Control)
BONUS 2: How to Get Her Addicted to You (This is Not For The Faint Hearted)





Charles Black – Get Control Fast