Coloso – Drawing & Coloring Anime-Style Characters by Chyan


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Coloso – Drawing & Coloring Anime-Style Characters by Chyan

Coloso - Drawing & Coloring Anime-Style Characters by Chyan
Coloso – Drawing & Coloring Anime-Style Characters by Chyan | 4.1GB

Class Highlights
The Secret to Trendy
Anime Color Composition

Learn how to use color to set different tones and atmospheres commonly used in anime illustrations. Additionally, you’ll learn how to increase density with color composition and boundary colors often used in other illustration styles.

Create Portrait Illustrations
& Full Illustrations

Discover the differences between ‘a “full illustration’ and “portrait illustration.” This is important for those who work as an original artist or as an illustrator for games. You will also learn design and working methods for each form of illustration.

Find Out How to Utilize Lectures and Self-Study Tips

Chyan explains, not only how to find valuable knowledge and materials, solve problems, and practice drawing, but also provides guidelines for getting the most out of lectures and providing self-feedback, so that you can do things on your own.

Class Details
You’ll Learn

Fast Learning
& Theory Application
Get a brief look into human anatomy and express movement through frequently used body types, skeletons, and muscles. Then apply facial expressions, hair, clothing, and pleats that fit the character’s personality and overall concept.

Kick Your Drawings
Up a Notch
Learn how to handle character gazes, arrange multiple characters, link three-dimensional objects, and set up characters in a simple space to create more dynamic anime illustrations.

A Silhouette’s Influence
On a Character’s Image
Understand how to select a silhouette, depending on the concept you want to implement. You’ll compose a rough image based on the character silhouette, and then try your hand at expressing detailed postures.

How to Select a
Light & Color Palette
Examine the characteristics of soft light, hard light, daylight, reflected light, and color schemes often found in anime, and learn the secret to combining border colors with other colors to increase density and level of completion without adding too many extra touches.

Screen Design
For Varying Tones
Learn commonly used compositions for cute, calm, and glamorous concepts. Understand how to achieve good balance, and create movement, coloring, and screen compositions that elicit each tone as best as possible.

How to Practice
Drawing Effectively
Learn why certain materials are used, develop your knowledge of different materials, and how to objectively view your own drawings and establish a direction and plan for self-study in the future.





Coloso - Drawing & Coloring Anime-Style Characters by Chyan