CreativeLive - Complete Photoshop Mastery Bundle by Ben Willmore
CreativeLive – Complete Photoshop Mastery Bundle by Ben Willmore

CreativeLive – Complete Photoshop Mastery Bundle by Ben Willmore


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Complete Photoshop Mastery Bundle – CreativeLive

CreativeLive - Complete Photoshop Mastery Bundle by Ben Willmore
CreativeLive – Complete Photoshop Mastery Bundle by Ben Willmore
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Genre: eLearning Video / Adobe Photoshop, Photographing

Photoshop Mastery is about more than learning how to do things

… it’s about actually understanding how Photoshop works. It’s the difference between just going through the motions and true understanding. You’ll be empowered to take full control over Photo
Included classes:

Photoshop Mastery: Advanced Masking
Learn the skills necessary to isolate anything in your image by creating a complex selection! In this one day class, Ben Willmore will show you how to apply adjustments to limited areas. Learn techniques for removing the background of fuzzy, furry, or hairy subjects like people and pets—even if it’s a white cat on a white background! Remove the background from trees, lift fire from its background, and remove the background on glass and other transparent objects. Remove the background on items based on brightness or color, and learn to quickly and easily isolate skin tones.

Photoshop Mastery: Fundamentals
An expert’s view of the basics designed to get anyone ready to become a Photoshop pro. Imagine learning the absolute essentials from someone who has used Photoshop for well over 20 years, is in the Photoshop Hall of Fame and has taught way over 100,000 Photoshop users. We’ll start off by simplifying Photoshop’s interface to make it less overwhelming and then jump in and learn the absolute essentials. This course will cover everything one needs to know in order to be truly effective with the program.

• Simplifying the Interface • Browsing your images with Bridge • Understanding Resolution • Which File Formats to use • Essential Tonal Adjustments • Essential Color Adjustments • Isolating areas with selections • The fundamentals of layers • Troubleshooting Techniques • Workflow Overview

Photoshop Mastery: Color & Tone
Become an adjustment master by learning how Photoshop thinks about color and tonality. You’ll go way beyond the basics and learn how to use the most powerful, precise and versatile adjustments. You’ll also see how all of Photoshop’s adjustment options relate to one another so that you’ll be able to easily pick the best tool for the job at hand. • Scanning Line Art (pure black and white graphics like your signature) • Optimizing Grayscale Images • Professional Color Correction Techniques • Matching the color between multiple images • Getting the most out of adjustment layers • Color Manipulation Techniques • Sharpening Strategies

Photoshop Mastery: Retouching and Collage
Learn how to retouch any image, whether it be the simplest problem or the most complex and seemingly impossible task. Understand the difference between all the retouching tools and then learn how to supplement them with other Photoshop features. See how multiple images can be combined into a seamless composite that is much more than the sum of its parts.

Learn the difference between all the retouching tools and when to use each one
See how the Clone Source panel can help with difficult retouching jobs
Rid your images of telephone poles, power lines and pedestrians, even if they overlap complex backgrounds like trees
Discover how Layer Masks, Blending Sliders and Vector Masks are best implemented
Learn how Smart Objects can allow you to make almost infinite changes to your design without having to rework your image

Photoshop Mastery: Creative Explorations
Explore the creative side of Photoshop. Take a walk down the filter menu and learn what’s lurking in the not-so-obvious filters like Displacement Maps and Lighting Effects. See how the simple text and shape tools can be taken to the next level by incorporating layer styles, clipping masks and more.

Learn which filters have a special relationship with Photoshop’s Blending Modes, which allows for unexpectedly creative results
See how puppet warping and layer masks will allow you to make a single layer look as if it’s intertwined around another layer
Start to use Photoshop’s 3D features to add dimension to otherwise flat imagery
Create animated slide shows that better keep your viewer’s attention
Add texture to your images to give them more personality

Photoshop Mastery: Image Ambulance
Learn how a Photoshop Hall of Famer and 20-year Photoshop veteran would tackle the most difficult problem images that *you* submit! Techniques will include: • Removing dust and scratches • Extreme color correction techniques • Retouching in Perspective • Tonal Rescue Techniques • General Repair and Restoration Techniques • Unifying skin tone and color • Eye and Teeth Tweaking • Red Eye Removal • Removing Lens Flare and glasses glare

Photoshop Mastery: Ultimate Mastery
Throughout this series, we’ve covered many huge topics (retouching, adjustments, collage, etc.). In this final installment, we fill in the gaps between big thoughts with the more subtle concepts that are essential to taking full control of Photoshop. This is the stuff you rarely see taught, but true experts use on a daily basis. I’ll start by revealing a bunch of hidden and hard to find features that you probably don’t know exist because you have to type odd keyboard shortcuts or go through other loopholes to find them. I’ll then show you how far you can push your adjustments before they start to lower the quality of the image. We’ll do that by popping the hood in Photoshop to reveal how those adjustments may be harming the underlying integrity of your image.

I’ll then show you how to manipulate Photoshop’s features to get them to do things they were not designed to do. This way, you can extend Photoshop further than even the programmers envisioned. I’ll also talk about many of the little features that never get covered in classes but are overly useful. Finally, we’ll dive into a few geeky features that are not for the faint of heart like variables, apply image and calculations.

Whether you’re still fairly new to Photoshop or you’re an advanced user, there is sure to be techniques in this class you will want to add to your mental toolbox.





CreativeLive - Complete Photoshop Mastery Bundle by Ben Willmore