David Barnett – Business Buyer Advantage


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David Barnett - Business Buyer Advantage
David Barnett – Business Buyer Advantage
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | MP4 | 4.46 GB
What You Learn:
Why would you want to own a business
Buying vs. Starting a business
How to start looking for a business
Understanding buyer and seller motivations
Negotiation fundamentals and BATNA
The steps in the buying process
Finding GOOD businesses for sale

Using Intermediaries
The initial contact with the seller
Understanding business processes in the interview
The seller’s mindset
Examining the business
Businesses vs. Companies what are you buying?
What is a business?
Normalizing financial statements (recasting)
SDE vs. EBITDA cash flows
Identifying problems
SWOT analysis and small businesses
Simple forecasting
Determining the value of the business
Methods of business valuation
A sample case study
Financing methods
Proper deal structure
Qualities of vendor vs. Institutional debt
Making offers
Actual deal examples from my business brokerage practice
Understanding asset vs. share purchases
Building your team
Due diligence
Understanding risks
Buying a business in a recessionary economy