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David X Collection
David X Collection | 2.57 GB

Understanding these rules does not mean to internalize them. In this double-dvd, David leads you into an exciting world full of secrets. His explanations are very simple, so really anybody can understand what he is talking about. Are you looking forward to your next guy’s night out? You will seduce women! After watching this DVD there is just no way around it.

Imagine someone answers you every question regarding the seduction of women within three and a half hours. Your whole pick up efforts and chat-up efforts belong to the past now, as David X will summarize the essentials. The concept is as close to practice and reality that you will immediately love it and put it into action.
You will learn:
To chat-up women effectively and establish contact immediately
How you have to behave when on the phone with a woman and what you should say in this situation
How to gain her trust on a date
When the right moment to kiss her has come
How to get a woman to have intercourse with you sooner than you would ever have expected
How to deal with flakes
The power of honesty, trust and respect
How to lead your relationships with women
How to build up positive mindsets when dating women
How to find your own way of being successful with women
The power of the 2 rules!



David X Collection