Elixir of Eros by Mike Wright

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Elixir of Eros by Mike Wright
Mike Wright – Elixir of Eros
SIZE: 1,5 GB

Complete Guide of the Fundamental Principles
of Natural Seduction Backed by Evolutionary Psychology

In these intense video coaching sessions, youll learn my most advanced techniques to turn any woman on, even if shes totally not your type. This is the first time these advanced secrets have ever been released.
The Elixir of Eros is a system that uses “chase triggers” to make a woman horny and want to chase you. It aims to get a woman to chase you from making the first move to chasing you all the way to the bedroom.
The Elixir of Eros gives you instructions on how to use these chase triggers in ANY dating situation you will ever encounter.
The Elixir of Eros is the only scientifically validated system that uses “chase triggers” to make any woman chase you.
Complete, comprehensive course. Logically arranges all the proven methods. Combines modern art of seduction and personal development. Introduces basic practical techniques. Supports each argument by research or anecdotal experience. Focuses on healthy approach and development of natural skills.
The download includes only the course (12 modules videos), it doesn’t include bonuses





Elixir of Eros by Mike Wright