Flat Pack FX – Travel Effects Pro Course for Adobe After Effects



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Flat Pack FX - Travel Effects Pro Course for Adobe After Effects
Flat Pack FX – Travel Effects Pro Course for Adobe After Effects | 11.5 GB

But let me tell you, that’s simply not true. It’s time to stop following these misconceptions and start creating videos that truly connect with your audience

Introducing Travel Effects Pro
My end-to-end, proven system that I used to create engaging cinematic videos and effects, even if you’re a Moderate/Intermediate After Effects user or never edited a video before!

Build Confidence
Join me on a journey to mastering video production. With my proven system, you’ll learn the ins and outs of filming and editing and gain confidence in your abilities. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to creating engaging and impactful videos.

Gain Creative Freedom
Get ready to take your video production to the next level. With my guidance, you’ll learn how to master Premiere Pro & After Effects and turn your ideas into stand-out videos. Embrace the freedom to bring your creative vision to life and make a lasting impact.

Acquire New Abilities
Are you ready to take your video production skills to the next level? With this course, you’ll learn how to plan, shoot, and edit cinematic videos with ease. Say goodbye to roadblocks and limitations, and unleash your creative potential. The sky truly is the limit!

What’s Inside This AMAZING Course
Scripting & Planning Your Video Mini Workshop 1 – 40 Mins
– Master the essential skills of video scripting and planning. All the top creators plan their videos, if you want to succeed too it comes down to proper planning
– Boost your confidence in creating professional-quality videos – even if you’re a complete beginner
– Follow a step-by-step process for creating engaging, attention-grabbing content
– Overcome common mental barriers that hold back video creators from success

Filming & Behind The Scenes Mini Workshop 2 – 50 Mins
– Develop confidence in your video production skills, from planning to editing – even if your new to this stuff
– Gain expertise in the step-by-step process of filming a high-quality video
– Overcome obstacles and achieve your desired results with ease
– Utilize the best equipment and settings for sharp and professional results

How To Edit Your Video Mini Workshop 3 – 40 Mins
– Master editing techniques used by me to create cinematic videos
– Gain confidence in using Premiere Pro
– Produce standout videos that captivate your audience
– Overcome common barriers and achieve your desired editing results
– Learn a proven step-by-step editing process for creating cinematic videos

Module 2 – Dynamic Link, Editing & Color Grading
5 Videos
– Enhance the impact of your video edits with practical tips and techniques
– Simplify the process of creating a stunning color grade that captures your audience’s attention
– Raise the quality of your videos to meet the expectations of your audience
– My step-by-step plan for working between Premiere & After Effects, become a more efficient editor
– Videos: Create impact in your edit, Dynamic Linking, Color Grading, Dynamic Link Color Grading, Music and Sound design

Module 3 – Cinematic Video Effects
8 Videos – Effects from my “What We Seek” Cinematic video
– Enhance your editing skills by incorporating advanced effects with After Effects
– Add a new dimension to your videos with stunning 3D effects created in Blender
– Stand out from the crowd with unique transitions and effects that you’ve created yourself
– Build confidence in your editing abilities by mastering After Effects and Blender
– Transitions: Pulling camera, Seamless Face, Rock Tunnel, 3D Map Zoom, Sun to Moon, Compass, Floating Island Effect and Wave
Say goodbye to film school tuition fees and hello to practical, hands-on learning. Gain access to the same skills and knowledge that a $30,000 film school education would have taught you. Fuel your passion for video creation, starting right now!





Flat Pack FX - Travel Effects Pro Course for Adobe After Effects