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Full-Stack Digital Marketing Course - Rich + Niche
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I recall how difficult it was for me to make ends meet as a freelancer…
I didn’t have many clients. I didn’t have enough money coming in, so I supplemented my income by doing door-to-door food delivery.

I was trying to offer some video creation services at the time, as well as the occasional web design, for which I was only collecting about $800. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I could give clients that they would pay for. I had a billion different marketing approaches and tactics under my belt, but how was I going to get paid for it all?
It took me roughly five years to figure out what digital marketing was all about and what clients were willing to pay for. Finally, I discovered that they mostly required assistance in getting more leads as well as converting those leads into clients.

They required a well-designed marketing funnel. They needed a means to make strangers aware of them, like them, and trust them enough to buy anything from them. They also required a significant increase in traffic-generating material.
People that fail at digital marketing do so because they frequently employ the incorrect strategy at the incorrect moment.

Because they have no idea where their customer is in the buying process, their copywriting and Facebook ads fall flat.

I became a client’s biggest asset once I learnt how to assist them in designing, building, and optimizing their marketing funnel. I understood that providing something as a service was extremely powerful in today’s world.

It becomes incredibly profitable to develop online content and begin executing digital advertising campaigns once you have a working funnel.
The term “full-stack marketer” was coined in this way.






Full-Stack Digital Marketing Course - Rich + Niche