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Gracie - Bully Proof (FULL 11)
Gracie – Bully Proof – FULL 11 DVD | 6.60 GB

Austin was viciously assaulted by a bully in front of his peers. To see what Gracie Bullyproof can do for your child, click on the video player tab and watch Austin’s 1-Week Transformation at Gracie Univesity Headquarters.
-According to the National Education Association, 160,000 kids miss school every day in the U.S. just to avoid a bully.
-According to the U.S. Secret Service, the majority of school shootings have been linked to cases of excessive bullying.
-Studies show that adults who were bullied as children have higher levels of depression and lower self-esteem than those who weren’t.
-All DVDs are in Region Free format and are playable on any NTSC DVD player.

Disc 1: Parent Preparation Course
Not only is Gracie BULLYPROOF the first self-defense instructional DVD series exclusively for kids, but it is the only instructional DVD series that is specifically designed to teach you, the parent, how to teach your child. On disc 1, Ryron and Rener teach you everything you need to know to build your child’s confidence and ensure the success of the Gracie BULLYPROOF program in your home.

Sample Clips from Disc 1
-Parent Preparation – Video
-The Most Common Mistake – Video
-The Critical Challenge – Video
-The Critical Connection – Video

Disc 2-3: Gracie Games™
In the beginning, Rorion didn’t teach his children Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, he “played” Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Using a series of 10 playful jiu-jitsu games, Rorion engaged his children in the learning process while informally introducing them to the fundamental principles of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. All 10 Gracie Games are featured on discs 2 & 3.

Gracie Game 4
– Crazy Horse – Video

Disc 4: Rules of Engagement
On disc 4, your child will learn the definitive rules regarding the use of their techniques as well as the Verbal Jiu-Jitsu strategies that will enable them to take as stand against persistent verbal bullies. By introducing your child to the Rules of Engagement before they learn the Jr. Combatives techniques, you will ensure that they do not abuse their power, and you will give them the confidence that they will not be reprimanded in the event that they ever have to use the techniques in self-defense.

Sample Clips from Disc 4
-“Verbal Jiu-Jitsu” – Video

Discs 5-9: Jr. Combatives™
Only after they fell in love with the fun aspect of the art, did Rorion begin teaching his children, the 33 highly-effective non-violent techniques featured in the Jr. Combatives course. By teaching these techniques to your child, you will dramatically increase their ability to defend themselves and, more importantly, boost their confidence so dramatically, that they are less likely to be targeted by bullies.

Disc 10: Belt Testing Process
Here at Gracie University Headquarters, belt promotions are used to indicate progress and to keep kids excited about the learning process. Through a revolutionary Video Evaluation Process, your child will be able to demonstrate their skills and qualify for official belt promotions from home! On disc 10, the process is broken down in detail and Roran Gracie (10) demonstrates the complete white-yellow belt testing procedure.

***Free Bonus Course***
Along with your collection, you will receive the Gracie KidSAFE™ Child Abduction Prevention Course on DVD absolutely free! In six powerful mini-courses, the Gracie Brothers empower your children with straight talks on the most common ploys used by kidnappers as well as the specific strategies they used as kids to avoid falling prey to the ultimate kidnapper – drugs. This information alone may save your child’s life!

Sample Clips from Gracie KIDSAFE DVD
-Drug Defense – Video

-All DVDs are now in Region Free format and are designed to be compatible with all NTSC DVD players.

What the Parents are Saying:

“I just got my Bullyproof DVD set tonight at 7 pm. I am up to Game 5 on Disk 2. I am planning to be up even later. I am addicted. As a father and as a math teacher, I am very impressed! As a verified Blue Belt, it was interesting to see how the techniques were modified. It gave me more insight into the techniques. Also, I love the safety tips you give to us as a parent when teaching the techniques. For example, the sit and spin with the Crazy Horse Game to prevent the crushing of a child’s leg. My son would complain when I use to lean over to the side. Now, he will have fun and still learn jiu-jitsu without a 160-pound adult crushing him. Great Job! Thank you.”

“I have just finished watching the parent training video and some Gracie Games from the Gracie Bullyproof. Awesome! Wow! Every good parent should have a copy! I started Gracie Combatives two months ago now my daughter Jaidyn age 4, will be learning with me. Priceless, priceless, priceless!”

“First of all AWESOME!!!!! As a parent unbelievable!!!!! As a Martial Arts school owner even MORE Unbelievable. I particularly love the Rules of Engagements on DVD 4 and would love to share those with my students! Thank you for changing the world for the better!”

“Thank you so much for the Bullyproof lessons! My girls have done a little jiu-jitsu with me in the past, but keeping them interested was tough. Now they have fallen in love with the Gracie Games and they won’t stop until I tap out!”

“Just got your Bullyproof series this afternoon and did Gracie Game 1 with my kids immediately. They loved it! FYI: I’ve been doing your Combatives Series at home for a few months now they’re the best training DVD’s I’ve seen! Great addition to my other martial arts experience! Thank you!”

“Just wanted to tell you that my son is having a great time with the Bullyproof program. He can ‘t wait to earn his first stripe. I actually have to tell him that we can’t play so many Gracie Games and that we have to take it slowly. He said why, and I use Ryron and Rener as an excuse since they said that we must always end the lesson with the child wanting more. :)”

“I have just finished watching the Parent Preparation DVD and some of the Gracie Games from the Gracie Bullyproof series. Awesome! Wow! Every good parent should have a copy! I started Combatives two months ago now my daughter Jaidyn age 4, will be learning with me. Priceless, priceless, priceless! I’m a Gracie Garage Leader in northern Wyoming and have recently met and trained with Chad Maulolo of REAL Techniques Gracie Garage and his wonderful family in Billings, Montana. Without the Gracie family Chad and I, nor our families would have ever become friends. Thanks to the Gracies for the Garage program, the on-line university, and now the Bullyproof program. The underground, or what some would call grass roots, take over of a region dominated by Karate and Taekwondo is now under way. Gracie Jiu-Jitsu will soon be in every small town across America. Thank you Gracie family!”

“I ordered the Bullyproof program for my nephew and it just arrived. AMAZING! Just the Parent Preparation Course alone is worth the cost of the whole thing. The content is incredible and the presentation is second to none!”

“The Bullyproof set is awesome! While playing spider kid with my 3-1/2-year-old son and my 1-1/2-year-old son decides to jump on too. Next thing you know, we’re all rolling around on the floor laughing and having a good time. Who knew “training” could be so much fun! Thanks for this incredible series and such great teaching tips in the parent prep course. I think the Bullyproof series is even helping my with my Combatives course.”

Unbelievable Price
To enroll your child in one year of Gracie Bullyproof® training at Gracie University Headquarters would cost nearly $2,000, but, when you order today, the entire curriculum will be yours for only $119.85!

Learn online from anywhere in the world!
These DVDs are formatted for NTSC Region Free DVD players. If you would prefer to access to your Gracie Bullyproof instructional material online, check out our interactive online learning center – Once you create a free student profile for you and your child, you will get free access to a variety of sample videos and you will have the option to purchase, and instantly access, the complete Gracie Bullyproof curriculum in streaming video format! The video content featured at – is EXACTLY the same as what is featured in the Gracie Bullyproof DVD collection. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Gracie Bullyproof Purchase Options (you can make the selection once you add the DVD set to your cart):

1) Gracie Bullyproof Standard DVD Package
The standard Gracie Bullyproof DVD Package includes 11 DVDs (each with the approximate running time of 90 minutes, except for the 10th DVD which features the Belt Testing Process), a Gracie KidSAFE Free Bonus DVD, the Gracie Bullyproof Jiu-Jitsu Journal, and the poster-size 24″x36″ Gracie Bullyproof Belt chart.

2) Gracie Bullyproof Elite Access Package
With the Gracie Bullyproof Elite Access package, you get the Standard DVD Package, but you also get unlimited access to the complete Gracie Bullyproof curriculum online at at a price 50% cheaper than what you would pay if you purchased the online course separately or at a later date. In addition, with Elite Access you will receive exclusive access to tons of interactive features such as chat rooms with fellow practitioners, technique forums which are moderated by official Gracie University Certified Instructors, and you will get access to detailed lesson printouts that do not come with DVD collection. Online access will be especially useful when you are traveling without your DVDs. If you purchase the Gracie Bullyproof Elite Access Package, we will drop your DVD box set in the mail immediately, and we will manually unlock the online Gracie Bullyproof course within one business day after you place your order so you can get started right away. In order for us to give you online access, however, you must already have a Gracie Kids student profile. If you don’t, please go to after you complete this transaction and create a free student profile. It will only take a minute, and it will allow us to unlock the course in your online lesson library. If you do not create this Gracie Kids student profile, we cannot grant you access to your online lessons.

3) Gracie Bullyproof Online Add-on
If you purchased the Gracie Bullyproof DVD collection before the Elite Access Package was available, you have the opportunity to pay the difference ($72) and receive complete Gracie Bullyproof online access through If you make this purchase, we will need to verify that you already have, in fact, purchased the complete Gracie Bullyproof DVD curriculum before we process your Online Add-on request (Please note: the Gracie Bullyproof Online Add-on option is only applicable for prior Gracie Bullyproof DVD set purchases within Any Gracie Bullyproof DVD purchases from any other sites do not qualify).

4) Gracie Bullyproof DVD Add-on
If you purchased the Gracie Bullyproof online curriculum before the Elite Access Package was available, you have the opportunity to pay the difference ($47.85+s/h) and receive the complete Gracie Bullyproof DVD collection. If you make this purchase, we will need to verify that you already have, in fact, purchased the complete Gracie Bullyproof online curriculum before we process your DVD Add-on Request.



Gracie - Bully Proof (FULL 11)