Graphite – Drawing a Realistic Portrait


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Graphite - Drawing a Realistic Portrait
Graphite – Drawing a Realistic Portrait | Size: 842 MB

Learn how to draw a realistic portrait like a master!
In this class we are going to learn how to draw step by step a realistic portrait from start to finish using graphite.

This class doesn’t require prior knowledge, because there are secrets that make realistic drawing accessible to anyone.
Of course, different artists will have different results depending on their experience, but if you are a beginner this is the opportunity to take your first steps :)
In this class you will know:
All the materials used for realistic portrait;
How the prepare a perfect sketch;
How to draw realistic hair and skin texture;
How to nail each face feature.
By learning how to approach this theme, you will be able to draw anybody, be them a famous star or someone special in your life!
For this class you will need basically paper, graphite pencils and other drawing tools shown in the video about Materials. Also, it is better if you can print the reference image used in the course to sketch the outline.



Graphite - Drawing a Realistic Portrait