Josh Forti – Selling with Confidence


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Josh Forti - Selling with Confidence
Josh Forti – Selling with Confidence
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Selling With Confidence: 1. Teaches the EXACT sales process that allows you to sell your offer without sounding pushy, needy, or like a used car salesman. (Used by 100s of entrepreneurs) 2. Is the #1 Sales Psychology Based sales training that teaches sales based in human psychology, not just random “sales hacks” and “sleezy sales tactics”. 3. Gives you the sales formula that gives you the confidence to state the price & handle objections – even if you don’t know what to say! – (The CGSG Formula) 4. How to build a “Sequential Value Pipeline” to never run out of leads, and prequalify them to avoid cold calling, rejection, and sounding clueless.

Almost All Entrepreneurs Have The Same Issues When It Comes To Selling: Chances are, you are struggling with some of the same issues yourself.

And you may not even realize it.

If your SALES GOALS include:
​Making more MONEY, controlling your income, and reaching FINANCIAL FREEDOM.
​Having unshakable CONFIDENCE on sales calls, and never getting rattled even if you are interrupted, caught off guard, or don’t have an answer right away.
​​How to “sell” without sounding “Salesy”, so the prospect feels like they got real value out of the call, and not like it is one big sales pitch.
​Rapidly increasing your CLOSING percentage, and being able to increase your sales numbers without increasing the amount of calls. (And grow your business predictably).
​Instantly controlling the SALES CONVERSATION and knowing exactly what to say, without coming across as rude, pushy, demanding, or “salesy”.
​Consistently being able to “get the yes” on the call, and not having to deal with the constant back and forth of calls and “I will think about it”.
​Being able to HANDLE ALL OBJECTIONS clearly, and knowing exactly what to say even when you don’t know the answer.
​​ABOVE ALL, avoiding the high pressure sales methods and sleezy sales tactics to get the yes, but rather get the client to WANT to work with you.
Then you need to understand SALES PSYCHOLOGY, and craft your
sales call in a way that allows for ALL those things to happen!
(Most sales formulas DON’T contain all the elements.)

Recap Of What You’ll Get Inside Selling With Confidence When You Invest Right Now:
​The CGSC Sales Method: Step By Step Formula that will allow you to start closing deals consistently, master your income and grow your business. $2.5M ($997 Value)
​The Secrets Of Sales Psychology: Dissecting the sales process so that you can understand ethical laws of persuasion and decision making, and what makes people buy. ($497 Value)
​​Understanding The Buyer: Inside the head of your prospect, so you can figure out what it is that is holding them back, and what it is they are actually after. ($497 Value)
​The “Sales Confidence Creator”: Creating unshakable confidence in sales, so you never have to worry about not knowing what to say, or feeling overwhelmed during sales calls. ($497 Value)
​Identifying “The Who”: Figuring out who your dream customer is, what their pains and desires are, and how they think. ($497 Value)
​Productizing Your Offer: Making Your Offer Red Hot & Ready To Sell ($497 Value)
​​Validating The Market & Offer: Making sure you have an offer that sells. ($497 Value)
​Creating Your Sales Conversion Machine: How to set up your instant authority machine. ($497 Value)
​The Pre-Qualification Process: Making sure you only get on the phone with qualified people. ($297 Value)
​The Objections Handler War Chest: A war chest full over responses on how to overcome any objection you run into (constantly updated when we get requests). ($497 Value)
​The Post Close Process: What to do to ensure your prospect pays, doesn’t ghost, and is 100% happy with their purchase. ($397 Value)
​The “Sequential Value Pipeline Structure: How to setup your pipeline to never run out of leads. ($497 Value)
​My Exact $2.5M Sales Script: This is the exact sales script that I used to close over $2.5 in sales.
You’ll never have to guess what comes next. Just look at the script and say the words! (Priceless!)
“The Sale Cheatsheet”: Key points & phrases to remember in every sales call, so you never have to worry about remembering what to say. ($197 Value)
​Instantly upgrade your inner circle: Access to the “private student FB Group”. Network with all the other students, share struggles, and bounce ideas off each other. ($497 Value)
​DIRECT ACCESS TO JOSH Via LIVE Training Calls: Attend monthly calls with Josh Forti and get all your sales questions answered, have Josh tweak your script, and more! ($5,000 value!)
Social Media Secrets Workshop: 4.5 hours of training on everything you need to grow and prospect successfully on social media. Eliminate cold calling & get high quality leads ($197 Value)
Plug & Play Lead Generation Funnel: Immediately start generating leads & booking calls from social media with a proven “plug and play” sales funnel template. Click. Edit. Go. ($497 Value)
​High Ticket Systems Creation Masterclass: The step by step process I use to create sales systems. ($197 Value!)
​”Phone-Free Closing”: The exact process my business partner used to close over 6-figures in deals without EVER getting on the phone. ($197 Value)
Total Value: $14,227!



Josh Forti - Selling with Confidence


Josh Forti - Selling with Confidence