Josh Macin – The Detox Dudes Mastery 2.0


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Josh Macin – The Detox Dudes Mastery 2.0
Josh Macin – The Detox Dudes Mastery 2.0 | 19 GB

– Access to the entire masterclass curriculum (40 videos totaling 11+ hours).
– Learn about the most cleansing water and how to maximize the use of the sun.
– The most effective ways of cleaning the colon and bowels of old rotting fecal matter and plaque.
– Lessons on healing the thyroid and how to handle panic and detox reactions.
– You’ll learn about all the most nutrient dense foods, diets, and exotic superfoods.
– How to integrate cold water therapy, breathing exercises, saving your seed (for males) and emotional healing.
– The most powerful gut healers on the planet and exactly how to use them.
– Detoxification of heavy metals including mercury, aluminum, arsenic, lead and other toxins and chemicals.
– Killing parasites (ropeworms, hookworms, tapeworms, liver flukes, roundworms), yeasts, viruses etc.
– How to tackle Lyme by using supportive essential supplements/herbs, chelation, and superfoods.
– Meditation and stretching techniques to clean your energy body.
– Creating a home sanctuary and removing toxin exposures from your home.
– What electrosmog and geopathic stress are and how to handle both.
– Healing PTSD and releasing and detoxifying emotional trauma.
– Enema/suppository protocols for cleansing the colon, removing constipation, healing digestion, eliminating pathogens, and binding to toxins.
– Sauna therapies, practices, cleansing the skin, and much more…