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Katelyn James Education - Consistency
Katelyn James Education – Consistency | 8.14 GB

The KJ Consistency Course includes the same volume of educationally content as one day of our in-person workshops delivered over 6 modules of content! ($1200 Value!)

This course includes access to ALL of Katelyn’s editing techniques that she has been enhancing over the last 7 years in business. Students will also learn how to curate their images into editorial blog posts that showcases their work in a more valuable way. This course also includes Katelyn’s post-processing workflow from the import process, all the way to the final blog post!

Why The KJ Consistency Course?
– Edit weddings quickly & say goodbye to living behind your laptop until 2am every night! WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU? Not missing out on everyday LIFE with your family.
– Learn EVERY step of Katelyn’s process from the initial IMPORT to the FINAL BLOG POST! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? Never being behind on your workflow, an automatic marketing system for every wedding you shoot and the margin in your life to focus on GROWING your business instead of just MAINTAINING it.
– Be equipped to blog a $5,000 wedding like a $50,000 wedding! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? You can finally start booking more of your ideal clients that will willingly pay what you’re WORTH.
– WOW your clients with your incredibly fast turn around time! WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU? Build a reputation of trust that allows you to charge premium prices & reduce financial stress in your business.
– Avoid Devaluing your BRAND simply because you don’t have a style of your own! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? You can FINALLY become known for your STYLE & SERVICE instead of being the MOST AFFORDABLE.
– Avoid being an “Editing Chameleon” and changing your style with each new trend! WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU? Stop dedicating hours to a “trial and error” style of editing and ACTUALLY be done with work at the end of office hours!
– Learn KJ’s Editing techniques that will allow you to add POP to your images without actions or presets, correct grey, life-less skin tones & help you stop being naive to simple but VITAL editing imperfections in your work! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? You can shoot gorgeous images ANYWHERE that match your style!

Here is Everything You Get!
– Over 12 HOURS of EXCLUSIVE KJ Educational Content!
– This 6 module course is COMPLETELY SELF-PACED which means that you can complete it whenever you have time from the comfort of your own home! Never before have we shared so much information outside of an in-person workshop!
– Access to Q&A Webinar Recordings where Katelyn answers hundreds of questions!!!
– Never-before access to watching Katelyn edit over 100 images in different lighting scenarios & different skin tones!
– Watch how Katelyn preps and curates her blog posts, step by step through multiple curating demos!
– Exclusive Access to Katelyn’s hour long “Credibility Through Consistency” talk from the UNITED Conference!
– LIFETIME ACCESS to ALL of Katelyn’s editing secrets, tips & tricks that she uses to define her style and build her brand!!
– Supplemental PDF workbooks to the video lessons that will help students retain and apply the knowledge that they’re learning with each video course!!
– FOREVER access to all 21 Educational Lessons of content focusing on editing and curating for a defined style!!
– A Bonus video Module sharing Katelyn’s 48 HOUR WEDDING WORKFLOW that has transformed her business into a 6-figure income!






Katelyn James Education - Consistency