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Lloyd Glauberman - Hypno Peripheral Processing
Lloyd Glauberman – Hypno Peripheral Processing | 1,3 GB

Dr. Lloyd Glauberman has spent the last 30 years helping people develop the emotional tools to achieve their goals in life. Using a form of hypnosis known as Hypno-Peripheral Processing (HPP), Glauberman has helped people gain access to the incredible untapped power of their subconscious mind. HPP CDs combine relaxing music and two separate stories into a pattern of suggestions that gently overloads your conscious mind and accesses the “hypnogogic” state – a state in which your mind is most open to suggestion.

Slip on your headphones and enter the world of hypno-metaphoric storytelling magic. Using the dual story approach, each hemisphere of your brain will be gently stimulated to maximize your emotional intelligence. You will see the benefits without having to actively learn or practice anything. Just sit back and relax.
Lloyd Glauberman – Hypno Peripheral Processing – Bundle of Five Products
HPP – Creating A Presence – Power Communication
HPP – Money, Wealth & Prosperity
HPP – Personal Power
HPP – Sales Mastery
HPP – The Quest for Excellence
HPP – Creating A Presence – Power Communication
There is nothing more important than the ability to communicate effectively. Unfortunately, many people struggle unnecessarily with the fear and frustration about public speaking.
This CD program employs Dr. Lloyd Glauberman’s revolutionary HPP method to build confidence and alleviate anxiety associated with speaking in groups.

In addition, it activates your intuitive conversational and interpersonal skills, allowing you to be more comfortable, confident and assertive in every day situations. You will find yourself communicating your ideas easily and clearly.
Creating a Presence will allow you a new freedom to communicate your point of view and accomplish your goals.
Specific skills it teaches include: preparing for a speaking event, generating positive beliefs about your capabilities, becoming more assertive, influencing others, and building self-esteem.
Whether you are can barely stand the thought of speaking up in a group, or are looking for that extra edge to ace your next business presentation, Creating a Presence can take you to the next level.
HPP – Money, Wealth & Prosperity
Wealth is created first and foremost in our minds – through goals, beliefs, and a strong sense of self worth. It sounds simple, but many people never learn the basic tools of visualizing success, believing they deserve it and working towards this goal with the belief they will succeed.
Money, Wealth & Prosperity utilizes Dr. Lloyd Glauberman�s revolutionary HPP method to program your unconscious mind to make the positive lifestyle changes necessary for success. This method allows you to bypass self-sabotage, insecurity, and procrastination while providing you with more positive and appropriate attitudes about success.
You will find yourself able to stay motivated and disciplined while developing the basis for financial success. a more positive self-image.
Because your unconscious does the work, there are no journals to keep or specific tasks to do. Just sit back, put on the headphones and listen to the multiple storytelling format. The changes you experience will be spontaneous and fluid as you seamlessly integrate these new patterns into your life.
Whatever your goals for financial success are, this program will give you new thoughts, beliefs and feelings that will empower you to achieve your dreams.
HPP – Personal Power
Personal Power HPP is part of The Edge of the Metaphor series, which focuses on the renewal of balance in the core areas of our lives – Body, Mind, Spirit and Interpersonal Relationships
Utilizing Dr. Lloyd’s Glauberman’s revolutionary HPP method, this program gives you the ability to intuitively respond to these key areas of your life. You can expect to find yourself more assertive, able to cope with change, and attain positive outcomes in your life.
The Personal Power HPP program contains 2 audio tracks with the following goals:
– Become More Assertive
– Cope Successfully with Change
– Attain Positive Outcomes
At any moment in time we have the opportunity to change the trajectory of our life and have the next chapter in our own personal story be better, brighter, and more productive. Give yourself “THE POWER TO COPE” with Personal Power.
HPP – Sales Mastery
Improve Your Sales Success – Effortlessly!
One of the challenges with traditional sales and negotiations training is that it requires learning and memorizing foreign techniques rather than harnessing the natural instincts we all have.
At our core we all desire to influence others and succeed in life. We are born with natural sales strategies – watch as children probe their parents with requests and questions- to get the outcome they want. Children are masters at influencing others to get what they want. Those intuitive skills are still inside all of us.
What if you could awaken these dormant sales skills and dramatically improve your ability to sell. Dr. Lloyd Glauberman’s revolutionary HPP method will stimulate your unconscious mind to do just that. Sales Mastery is a powerful program that energizes you to sell naturally and effectively, using skills you already possess.
No longer will you be trying to employ someone else’s strategy for success in these areas, but you will be intuitively utilizing your own unique abilities to listen, influence, compete and close!
Whatever your sales goals are, give yourself that extra edge by programming yourself for success with Sales Mastery.
HPP – The Quest for Excellence
Enjoy Peak Performance in every aspect of your life!
Successful athletes, business entrepreneurs and artists all have two characteristics in common – the ability to set realistic goals and the motivation to develop the skills and strategies necessary to attain those goals. Successful people continually create the positive outcomes that they want in life. Temporary setbacks and disappointments never deter them from continuing to SEE WHAT THEY WANT AND GO AFTER IT.
The question is, how do they do this?
We all have skills, internal resources and experiences that make us different and special. When we can access them and organize them in a useful way, we find the success we want. Dr. Lloyd’s Glauberman’s revolutionary HPP method programs your subconscious mind to do just that. Combining both conscious and subconscious processes the Quest for Excellence taps into your best and organizes your thoughts, sensations, feelings and actions so that you spontaneously find yourself in a relaxed energized and focused state when you need to perform.
Quest for Excellence will give you the drive to achieve your life goals. Inner obstacles to success will spontaneously disappear – allowing your true potential to break through.
If you are looking for a PEAK PERFORMANCE LIFESTYLE, it’s time to let the power of the subconscious get you to the next level. Program yourself for success with Quest for Excellence.






Lloyd Glauberman - Hypno Peripheral Processing