Make a driving game in unity


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Make a driving game in unity
Make a driving game in unity | 20.11 GB

Make a complete driving game using Unity.
In this course I will show you how to create your own race tracks in Blender. We will then import into Unity and set up different types of race cars including Formula 1 style and racing cars.
Each car will have its own driving style and you can customise each car in the inspector.
This course will also cover:
Different handling on grass, gravel and road surfaces
Setting up AI cars which will compete against you in race mode.
Checkpoints and lap counting
Keeping track of car positions and displaying finish place at the end of the race
Mini map and mini map markers for all cars
Main menu, race track select menu and a car showroom, so you can buy extra cars.
Choosing different colours for the cars you buy
Leaderboard and race stats
Save system to save your credits and high scores
Race customisation system from the track options menu
Keyboard and gamepad control systems
Terrain sculpting and texturing to add extra details