MasterClass – Dustin Hoffman Teaches Acting


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MasterClass – Dustin Hoffman Teaches Acting

MasterClass - Dustin Hoffman Teaches Acting
MasterClass – Dustin Hoffman Teaches Acting | 2.02 GB

Learn Dustins Method
Dustin Hoffman believes that every great character is already inside youthe hard part is learning to access them.

In his first ever online class, the two-time Academy Award winning star of The Graduate, Tootsie, and Rain Man teaches you everything hes learned during his 50 year acting career.
For 24 lessons, Dustin will teach you everything he wanted to be taught by someone at the beginning of his career.

Lesson Plan
01 – Dustins Method
Dustins approach to acting is unique. In this lesson, he reveals the principles of his method and how to start implementing it.
02 – Working with a Co-Star: Jerry Maguire Scene Work – Part 1
Dustin has had famous on-screen chemistry with the likes of Robert Redford, Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep. Watch as he teaches two strangers to build an instant bond on set, and then asks you try the same Jerry Maguire scene with a fellow student.
03 – Relating to Your Character: Jerry Maguire Scene Work – Part 2
Relating to your character is crucial to a great performance. Dustin teaches you how to read through the lines to add emotion and depth to your role.
04 – Managing Your Nerves: Jerry Maguire Scene Work – Part 3
Every good actor gets nervous, even Dustin. Vulnerability is key to bringing depth to a performance. Heres how to use your fears to get deeper into character.
05 – Performing Honestly: Jerry Maguire Scene Work – Part 4
Uncover and access the deepest layers of your personality so you can stop pretending and start being your character.
06 – Critiquing Yourself: Jerry Maguire Scene Work – Part 5
Dustin is his own harshest critic, even when the director is happy and the audience loves him. Learn how he finds ways to question, critique and improve his perfomance.
07 – What I Learned in Acting Class
Dustin learned from the most prominent acting teachers of his day, including Lee Strasberg — hear the tips and stories that stuck with him.
08 – Researching Your Character
Whether hes studying womens vocal patterns or sneaking into San Quentin prisonDustin conducts detailed research to create memorable and believable characters.
09 – Creating Your Character
The essence of Raymond Babbit came from an accidental vocal tick; Benjamin Braddock grew from Dustins childhood memories. Theres no one way to bring a new character to life, but these are some of the ways that have worked for Dustin.
10 – Saying Your Lines
Memorizing your lines is just the first step. Heres how Dustin approaches a new script to bring life to words on a page.
11 – Funny Business
You cant always plan for the laugh. Dustin explains how to develop your comic instincts and use everyday life as your comedic inspiration.
12 – Staying In The Moment
When you leave the script behind and make things up as you go, the results can can be inspiring, fun, or sometimes flat-out embarrassing. You have to be willing to fail to triumph as an actor.
13 – Stage and Screen
For a play, you rehearse for weeks. On a film set, you might get ten minutes. As an actor who trained for the stage, Dustin shares how he changed his approach to the craft for the camera.
14 – Dustins Story
From college dropout to Oscar-winning actor, learn a little bit more about your teacher.
15 – Being Present: Good Will Hunting Scene Work – Part 1
Learning to look beyond the script to whats not being said, and using that powerful subtext to reveal parts of yourself is the essence of Dustins approach to acting. Dustin applies this lesson to a scene from Good Will Hunting.
16 – Be Yourself to Be the Character: Good Will Hunting Scene Work – Part 2
If the audience isnt seeing your secrets, youre doing it wrong. Pushing yourself to admit and accept your most painful and uncomfortable truths will help bring depth and honesty to the characters you play. See how brave you can learn to be.
17 – Embracing Your Vulnerability: Good Will Hunting Scene Work – Part 3
Nobodys perfect – and audiences will love you for it. Watch a scene from Good Will Hunting come to life when Dustin directs two actors to draw upon their own insecurities.
18 – Creating a Relatable Character: Good Will Hunting Scene Work – Part 4
Learn how to craft a timeless, relatable character that audiences will fall in love with.
19 – Staying True to Yourself: Good Will Hunting Scene Work – Part 5
Dustin never lets a script hold him back from giving what he believes is the right performance. Heres how to stay true to yourself without getting fired.
20 – Working Together
Get Dustins insider tips on how to keep an open, creative environment on set, respect your fellow actors, and most importantlyrelax.
21 – Auditions
Dustin has spent his career defying leading man stereotypes. Heres how to take the right risks to set yourself apart from the crowd and handle the rejection all actors face.
22 – Making Acting Your Living
After painful rejections, how do you stop the candle inside you from burning out? Dustin sheds light on the difficult decisions involved in making acting your living.
23 – Great Mistakes
It can be harder than you think to tell the difference between an accident and a stroke of genius. The most iconic scene in Midnight Cowboy was an on-set accident. Make every mistake an opportunity.
24 – Always Be Working
Dustin closes his MasterClass with one lesson he wants every actor to remember.

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MasterClass - Dustin Hoffman Teaches Acting