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Masters Of Approach - Adam Gilad
Adam Gilad – Masters Of Approach
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How To INSTANTLY CONNECT With Any Woman — Anywhere, Any Time Of Day — In 59 Seconds Or Less…

Even if you’re shy, get tongue tied, or look like Shrek’s evil twin.
If you’ve ever wanted to sit around a table with the most skilled and the best teachers of how to approach women in any situation, day or night, holding the authoritative position in full confidence and authenticity – then you want this program. One-by-one, I draw out the most effective and important lessons on how to open a conversation with women, how to escalate talk into something with sexual energy – all in a spirit of fun, truth, adventure and daring. After you go through this program, you will have enough material to quickly and effectively engage women anywhere in the world.
I’m Going To Give You The Certainty Of Knowing How To Approach, Open And Guide Women Into Genuine Connection… Within Seconds
I have assembled 10 Masters of the Cold Approach – guys who charge up to $10,000 a weekend for their personal coaching services.
Masters — some of whom — who taught the famous David DeAngelo how to meet women in the first place.
Masters who are world famous for teaching step-by-step instant connection and attraction skills — including the infamous Master of the “same night lay”.
Everything You Need To Know To Succeed With Women in Under 59 Seconds is HERE…
In these sessions, you are going to gain PROVEN, TESTED BULLET-PROOF APPROACH SKILLS from this expert Faculty of Exclusive Dating Coaches who will make you – by the end of the series – a Master of Approach, yourself.
I always bring you the best of the best – and if you haven’t heard of these guys yet, I guarantee, you will never forget them.
Top to bottom. Inside out. Beginning to end. Body and Mind.
Without fluff or wasting your time or generalizing or theorizing.
One Rock-solid technique after another. Openers that work today. How to LEAD. How to INSPIRE.
We’re going right into specific techniques. Specific opening lines for specific Locations. To get the specific results you want.
You want her phone number – we’ll show you multiple ways to GET her number, not ask for it
You want a date – we’ll show you multiple ways of turning a light conversation into a fantasy romantic rendezvous…
You want to take her home tonight – we’ll give you the tried-and-true Seduction Roadmap.
You’d have to pay THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to get these guys’ time and wisdom…
What You Are About To Receive…
This is your private ENCYCLOPEDIA of APPROACH…
You will get this in-depth 10 part training manual that will show you MULTIPLE ways to

How To Make the First “5 Seconds” Count – so that she feels instant attraction to you
How To Work A Room – so that you are seen as a natural social leader
How To Attain instant Authority – by being the “mayor” of any room
How To Spark Day-Time Connection – and open a conversation that is natural, appealing and fun
How to End Approach Anxiety – forever.