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Nabeel Azeez – Daily Content Machine
Nabeel Azeez – Daily Content Machine | 9.39 GB

What You Get:
Module 1: What You Can Expect
– How to think about content marketing.
– Why I know this system works.
– Use this material to train your team.

Module 2: Where The Ideas Come From
– The 3 sources of content ideas.
– How to delegate idea generation to a copywriter.
– Examples of content from all 3 sources.

Module 3: Going From One Idea To 10+ Posts
– Why you need to repurpose your content.
– How to think about repurposing your content.
– How to play to your strengths so you don’t have to be active everywhere all the time.

Module 4: Creating Content Isn’t The Same As Growing A Platform
– Growing a platform isn”t just about publishing content.
– What really grows organic marketing channels.
– Blasting & Cruising: Why you need to think like a pro bodybuilder.

Module 5: Multimedia Tools Even Monkeys Can Use
– The tools I use and why I use them.
– Who to optimize your tech-stack for.
– Why I called my system “Dirty Content Marketing.”

Module 6: Graphics & Video For Social Media
– The problem with professional graphic designers and video editors.
– Proven image styles and themes for social media.
– Proven video styles and themes for social media.

Module 7: How To Make Direct Response Memes
– Coming up with meme ideas.
– Tools I use to make direct response memes.
– Examples of direct response memes.

Module 8: Should You Use Swipe Files & Templates?
– Why swipe files and templates are largely a waste of time.
– When, what, and how to swipe.
– My one exception to using templates.

Module 9: Building Your Content Marketing Team
– Who to hire when building a content team.
– Project management and quality control.
– Tracking and improving performance.

Module 10: Course Summary
Note: even if you don’t purchase Daily Content Machine, applying these 5 lessons will get you 80% of the way there.
– Content mindset: everything is source material.
– Don’t overthink; speed is everything.
– Distribution is more important than creation.
– Use the simplest tools and systems because you’re trying to delegate to a team.
– You never know which post will bomb or go viral so your best strategy is to be prolific.

Module 11: Questions & Answers
– Audience Q&A from the Daily Content Machine live mini-workshop.
– Audience Q&A from the Daily Content Machine ENCORE live mini-workshop.





Nabeel Azeez – Daily Content Machine