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Nikhil Neswankar - Titans of Zoo
Nikhil Neswankar – Titans of Zoo | 5.06 GB

Dear friend,
The internet lifestyle is pretty amazing isn’t it?
Working from laptops, traveling the world, doing whatever the heck you want because you don’t need to answer to anyone.

Because YOU call the shots.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

Well, unfortunately for most people, this is nothing more than just a pipe dream.

A wild fantasy that never sees the light of day.
Most people who set out to start an online business, quickly face the cold hard reality that the gurus never seem to mention.

This stuff actually takes work.

Sorry to break it to you, but pushing a button won’t build you a million dollar online business.

Maybe you’ve noticed yourself – logging into to your JVZoo account and various online dashboards hoping that by some fluke of nature there will be thousands of dollars sitting there.
Instead I see nothing but
And guess what – when you’re constantly putting in all this work, trying everything that the gurus are telling you to do – yet you don’t have a darn thing to show for all those efforts.

It can be pretty frustrating!
Hi, my name is Nikhil Neswankar and much like you – I struggled to figure this online marketing thing out for YEARS!!!

I started out like most people do – looking for the freedom, satisfaction and unlimited earning potential that an internet business has to offer.

But, I had no CLUE what I was doing.

I signed up for the email lists.

Joined the “secret Facebook groups”.

Bought the online courses, the step by step programs, the push button software that promised to make me an internet millionaire by pushing a few buttons.
I was like a cat chasing my own tail – chasing every shiny object the gurus would throw at me.
And where did it get me?
Well – it got me scammed and put me into debt – that’s what it did!

I maxed out my credit card buying all these shiny objects hoping to pay off the balance with my internet millions.

Yet when the day came to pay the bill – I still hadn’t made a dime.
It got so bad to the point where I had to move back home and convince my dad to pay for my living expenses.
This was the lowest point in my life and it sucked – BIG TIME.
I felt like a failure and could barely look my friends and family in the face.

But little did I know – my entire life was about to change.
It was 11:47pm on a Tuesday night and I was sitting at my parent’s kitchen table and I had hit rock bottom.
I had no idea what I was going to do next.
Thoughts about heading in to town to fill out job applications the next morning started filling my mind.
And it made me sick to my stomach.
There’s no way I was going to get another soul sucking job and take orders from a boss.
And at that very moment – I stood up in frustration, slammed my fists onto the table so hard that his laptop fell onto the kitchen floor

. And I screamed out.

“There’s gotta be an easier way!”

“Why can’t I figure this stuff out!!”

“WHAT am I missing?”

And at that very moment, I looked down at my laptop that lay on the floor, reached down to pick it up and something unusual caught my eye.
It was an email from an internet marketer who I had been following for quite some time.

And, what he said in the email spoke directly to me and made it seem as if he really understood the pain I had been going through.

He wasn’t talking about shiny objects or push button riches – instead, he was talking about his own struggles and the journey he took to become successful online.
And to my surprise – the struggles he faced were similar to my own.
“That’s it!” I thought. ”

These successful marketers are people just like me”

“And most of them have been through similar struggles to me”

“Clearly I’m doing something wrong, I’ve been at this for years with nothing to show for it”

“What if I could somehow infiltrate the secret society of the gurus and get them to reveal their biggest secrets to me so that I can just do what they did?”
I wanted to know.How did they overcome their struggles and go from someone who was once a clueless newbie, to making millions on the internet?

How were these people ACTUALLY able to live the internet lifestyle?

How do they actually make money?
If I could actually find answers to these questions, I would FINALLY become successful online.
But getting these people to reveal their secrets is obviously easier said than done.

Why would any of these marketers talk to me?
After all, nobody knew who I was, I had no credibility and these marketers were too busy making money to talk with a complete stranger they’ve never met before.
But nonetheless, I started sending emails to some of the biggest names on JVZoo – asking for just 20 mins of their time.
“Can I please ask you a few questions about how you became successful?”
I sent email after email but got no responses.
After I sent the 50th email I was about to give up.then something magical happened.
A reply from one of the marketers I had been following for YEARS!
“Sure, I can chat for 10 mins right now if you want”

I asked him every question I could think of.

And by the time the call was over, I had learned more than I had in the last 3 years on my own.

I knew exactly what I had been doing wrong and even had a step by step blueprint for going from zero to $10k mo FAST.

But I didn’t stop there.

I leveraged that first call to convince 10 more top marketers from JVZoo to jump on a Skype call with me.
And before I knew it, I had the top 4% of internet marketers on the world’s leading affiliate network – JVZoo – spilling their best kept secrets to me personally.
And when I finally got in – the things I discovered SHOCKED me – everything was completely different from what I had been told.

Call after call, what I learned from these successful marketers completely changed the way I thought about online marketing and it cut out all the BS.

All the little things I had been wasting time on that were just holding me back – got eliminated from my life.

I dispelled all the lies that were fed to me by the gurus.

I had successfully infiltrated this underground society of internet marketers that so many of people try everyday to break into.
A complete newbie who had repeatedly failed for years. was now holding the secret playbooks that revealed everything I needed to know, as a complete newbie.

To start completely from scratch, and finally build my successful online empire.regardless of how many times I had failed up until now.
And for the first time in my life I could finally see clearly how that dream of an internet lifestyle was actually possible!
So I know what you’re thinking.

What were the secrets Nikhil learned that allowed him to go from stuck, lost and confused and repeated failure to now becoming friends with all these top experts and even launching a product of his own?

Well – I’m glad you asked because the good news is that I recorded every single one of these private coaching sessions and had decided to make them public for an extremely limited time.
Secrets of JVZoo Elite Cracked Wide Open!
Lost & Confused Newbie gets tired of not Making Money Online.

Here’s what you’re going to discover.

How to create profit producing offers and how to tell if they’re gonna sell before you do anything

How to build the money making sales funnel that actually converts & bring you more sales

How to create high converting sales videos without ever being on camera

How to build a 6 figure business without an army of affiliates

A secret digital business growth hack that allows you to make 1900% MORE in your first month of business than “the average” digital entrepreneur

How to create stark crazy raving fans and customers who love to buy from you over and over again

How 1 simple to create “under the radar” webinar can double your profits in just 30 days.

How 1 little known strategy that can get you to 6 figures even if you are newbie

How to make a 7 figure software business from home sitting in pajamas



Nikhil Neswankar - Titans of Zoo


Nikhil Neswankar - Titans of Zoo