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Nurture & Close - Robb Bailey
Robb Bailey – Nurture & Close Course | 12.85 GB

What is it?
Nurture and Close is a 4 week implementation program with a Done-For-You service element (installation of our best appointment booking campaigns into your own app), plus unlimited support for 30 days from our team including 3x Assist Calls per week.

Who is it for?
Nurture & Close is for anybody wanting to grow a profitable digital marketing agency and jump to the front of the pack right out of the gate, as well as anyone currently struggling to grow and scale their existing agency.

Why does it exist?
We created Nurture because nobody (NOBODY) is doing this right now, and we’re excited to provide a fresh wave of new strategy that’s easy to execute. Built by LeadGen agency owners, for LeadGen agency owners, to make them objectively 2-10x more effective!
We help you get it done in 3 Easy Steps:
1. White Label Your Software
2. We Install Proven Campaigns FOR YOU!
3. We Launch Your First Campaigns!
Exactly How This Software Works

Our product developer, Haplin, walks through the tech setup both for Database Reactivation, and for Inbound Traffic (paid or organic) from any source.
WARNING: This Is Not A Course
To succeed with a digital marketing agency today, simply running ads and giving your clients a list of “leads” is just not enough anymore! Your clients don’t want leads, all they care about is new sales opportunities & revenue.
You need to provide clear value and demonstrable ROI to them in order to keep them.
Statistics surrounding things like “cost per click,” “cost per lead,” and “engagement” are the old way. Number of appointments, number of new customers in through the door, and top line revenue is the new way.

Here’s a list of niches this model has been proven to work in:
Auto Dealer
Auto Insurance
Barre Studio
Counseling / Therapy / Psych Practice
Co-working Space
Divorce Attorney
Escape Room
Financial Services
Float Spa
Golf/Country Club
Hair Salon
Home Insurance
And much more…





Nurture & Close - Robb Bailey