Paul R. Scheele – Future Mapping


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Paul R. Scheele – Future Mapping
Paul R. Scheele – Future Mapping | 5.11 GB

Paul R. Scheele – Future Mapping
By using the Future Mapping process, you turn imagination into reality.

You will draw on the motivating resources of your inner genius mind to take the effort out of achieving goals.
The course helps you use the unexpected power of altruism to allow self-sabotaging self-interest to drop away, giving rise to unexpressed potential.
You will also capture your conscious and nonconscious thoughts together in the unique Future Mapping chart to reduce interference from your limited conscious mind and get relevant, practical, and creative insights for your goals.
Future Mapping frees you to use your powerful imagination to create your reality in truly surprising ways.
While using the Future Mapping personal learning course, you will learn:
– 6 steps of Future Mapping
– The Future Mapping problem-solving method
– How to extract your own resource that is necessary to achieve your goal
– Applications of Future Mapping
– What to do when you have a problem with someone you do not like
– How to generate an idea from scratch
– How to regain lost confidence
– How to solve a problem for someone else
– How to use Future Mapping in a meeting
– How to use Future Mapping when you write
– How to create a business plan
– How to realize when there is subconscious resistance to change





Paul R. Scheele – Future Mapping