Perry Marshall & Richard Koch – Star Principal Seminar


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Perry Marshall & Richard Koch - Star Principal Seminar
Perry Marshall & Richard Koch – Star Principal Seminar | 12.1 GB

Dear Business Builder:
How much money did you earn LAST MONTH from work you finished 5 years ago?
No cheating. If it took more than mere minutes for you to collect your harvest, you’re still working for your bread.

If you wanted to sell your business this year, could you?

Would any sane human being want it?

Could you hand the new owner the keys and walk away with your bag o’ cash? Or would they be dragging you out of bed 2 hours later to come in and fix the next crisis?

Are you able to dispense a few minutes or hours of advice, and get a large, lucrative return on that money – not just in the form of income, but in real equity ownership that rises in value?

Are you a consultant who, like 99% of your brethren, owns title to nothing at the end of the day?

Are you only as good as your last client check?

Do you truly understand that when you have the right strategy, then the less you work and the more you make?

Are The Strategies You’ve Gotten Over The Last 5 Years Earning You More and More Freedom and Equity With Each Passing Year? Or Are You Caught In A Trap?

If you have any of these frustrations, stick with me because you’re in the right place.

I can count on one hand the number of times meeting someone has completely and utterly changed my perspective on business, life, and success.

There was the spring day in 1997 that I wandered into the Peoria Civic Center and heard Dan Kennedy talk about direct response advertising. A revelation.

There was my very first System Seminar with Ken McCarthy in 2002. That’s where I discovered Google AdWords – but far more importantly, it’s where I discovered a system and a process for selling anything online. Ken’s original model for a tested online sales funnel is still the foundation not only of my business – but of every single one of my successful clients’ businesses as well.

There was legendary copywriter Gary Bencivenga’s once-in-a-lifetime event in New York City, where I probed the inner workings of “The World’s Greatest Copywriter.”

And then there was a recent meeting in Portugal, with a complete and total business master – that has forced me to re-think and re-evaluate everything I thought I knew about what success in my business (or anything else) looks like.

That, along with a Memo from the Head Office – as you’ll learn – it was time to:

“Re-engineer your very existence as a business leader. Transform your entire way of thinking.”

I’d been searching for this lesson my entire business career. Even way back in my Amway days. (I think this is actually a lesson every business builder is searching for.)

Perhaps it’s a case of “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

When I was in Amway, the mantra was: ‘Work 15-20 hours a week for 2-5 years and you’ll have a walk away income for the rest of your life.’

My rose-colored glasses shattered when Jeff Probandt, an insider, “came out of the closet.” He posted a tell-all website in the early days of the Internet. It said yes, it’s true, my mentors go on cruises and drive Cadillac and Mercedes automobiles and live in beautiful homes with swimming pools and 4-stall garages.

But they also work 50-70 hours a week, not 20. They check their voice mail constantly, and they’re always up to their eyeballs in some kind of crisis. And the minute they stop frenetically paddling, their whole business starts to unravel.

A squirrel cage. Hamster wheel. Rut. Routine. Treadmill. Trap. Whatever you wanna call it, it’s something you can’t extricate yourself from.

When you were wet behind the ears, when you were a newbie in the entrepreneur world, how many times were you promised “passive income,” “residual income,” “turn-key simplicity,” and a chance to do something once and get paid for years?

Do you remember the day harsh reality crashed in? Do you remember how after you ‘grew up’ and realized 99% of those promises were hype?. Do you recall how many more times you were admonished to “stop trading hours for dollars” and “stop working in your business and start working ON your business” and let automation do the work for you?

Jonathan Mizel, one of the smartest marketers I’ve ever met anywhere, once said, “Once you get to a certain age you say to yourself, ‘I’m tired of hustling and chasing deals all the time. Eventually you want to have a business that just generates cash.”

Haven’t we all eventually reached the point where we’re sick and tired of hustling and chasing deals all the time?

Jonathan is the guy who said, “I got out of the guru business because I got sick and tired of my students making five times as much money as me.” He only spends about 10% of his time being a guru now.

Has the day come and gone when you realized the machines aren’t working for you, it’s you working for the machines, along with all the other worker bees?

Are you making a comfortable income with a respectable business, yet at the end of the day you know you’re not actually getting anywhere?

How many people who ever made you promises of residual income were truly “walking the walk” and not just selling books and tapes?

Have you noticed that all of them are, in one way shape or form, “Motivational Speakers”?

Q: Why do they all need to be motivational speakers?
A: Because at the end of the day, every single one of them teaches you how to hustle.

I’m happy to say I’ve never offered anyone false promises of total financial freedom and autonomy. I’ve only promised my members and clients that I would get them more customers for less money.

And I have MANY success stories. Many. They’re plastered all over my website.



Perry Marshall & Richard Koch - Star Principal Seminar