Power Bi : All In One by Sachin Agrawal


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Power Bi : All In One by Sachin Agrawal

Power Bi : All In One by Sachin Agrawal
Power Bi : All In One
Published 7/2022
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Language: English | Size: 3.00 GB | Duration: 7h 3m

This course will cover all aspects which developer need in organization to develop nice report and also take care of data by using Admin part. Also, you will get good exposure on Dax function and Data Model too.Also, I had attached one power BI Report where you can take your reporting skill to the next level. We are also using different types of connectivity in this module like SQL, Web, Excel, etc..• Export , show as table, Remove, spotlight, Sorting,• Hide and show column and table.• Filter Types (Visual, Page, Report)• Drill Through• Basic Filters• Advanced Filter• TOP N• Sync Slicer ,Edit Interaction, Book Mark Pane ,Page Navigation, Selection Pane,Tooltip ,Drill Down, Hierarchy, Conditional Formatting(Bar, Background, Text, icons, Web URL) , Home Ribbon, Transform Ribbon, Add Column Ribbon Publishing Report on PBI Services• Creating Workspace• Create Dashboard/Pin to live page/Pinning• Create Report on PBI Services• Create Datasets • Download and Print the Report• Analyze in Excel• Export report in various format• QR Code>> Microsoft power bi• Search Option • View Related •View Usage Metrics Get Quick Insight •Subscription •Sharing Report • Row Level Security -Applied on PBI Desktop • Security at Dataset Level/Assigning Role •Uses of Shared with me •Delete•App creation•Download Data Gateway•Schedule Refresh . DAX Functions, Tips, Real Time Scenario.

What you’ll learn
Basic Report Design: Power BI Desktop Installation, Architecture of Power BI,Data sources and Visual Types, Canvas, Visualization and fields
Format Button and data labels, Legend, Category and Grid, Visual Interaction, Data Points, Edit Interaction, Format Options,PBIX and PBIT File Formats
Spotlight and Focus Mode,Tooltips
Visual Sync, Grouping, Slicer Visual: Real-Time Usage, Orientation, Selection Properties, Single and Multi-Select, Ctrl Options
Slicer: Number, Text and Date Data,Slicer List and Slicer Drop Down,Visual sync,Disabling Slicer,Clear selection Limitation with slicers
Hierarchies, Filters:Creating Hierarchies in Power BI,Independent Drill-Down Options,Dependent Drill-Down Options
Conditional Drilldowns, Data Points,Drill Up Buttons and Operations,Expand & Show Next Level Options Dynamic Data Drills Limitations,Show Data and See Records,F
Visual Filter, Page Filter, Report Filter, Basic, Advanced and TOP N Filters, Category and Summary Level Filters, Drill Thru Filters, Drill Thru Reports
Drill-thru Filters, Page Navigations, Bookmarks: Real-time Usage, Bookmarks for Visual Filters, Bookmarks for Page Navigation
Selection Pane with Bookmarks Buttons, Images with Actions Buttons, Actions and Text URLs,Bookmarks View & Selection Pane
Import & Direct Query with Power BI,SQL Queries and Enter Data, Data Modelling : Currency, Relations, Summary, Format, Synonyms, Web View & Mobile View
Power Query Level 1,Power Query M Language Purpose, Power Query Architecture and ETL, Data Types, Literals and Values, Power Query Transformation
Table & Column Transformations, Text & Number Transformations, Date, Time and Structured Data List, Record and Table Structures let, source, in statements M La
Get Data, Table Creations and Edit, Merge and Append Transformations, Join Kinds, Advanced Editor, Apply ETL Operations with Power Query
Power Query Level 2 Query Duplicate, Query Reference, Group By and Advanced Options, Aggregations with Power Query
Transpose, Header Row Promotion, Reverse Rows and Row Count, Data Type Changes & Detection, Replace Columns: Text, NonText
Replace Nulls: Fill Up, Fill Down, PIVOT, UNPIVOT Transformations, Move Column and Split Column Extract, Format and Numbers
Date & Time Transformations, Deriving Year, Quarter, Month, Day, Add Column : Query Expressions, Query Step Inserts and Step Edits
Creating Parameters in Power Query, Parameter Data Types, Default Lists, Static/Dynamic Lists For Parameters, Removing Columns and Duplicates
Convert Tables to List Queries, Linking Parameters to Queries, Testing Parameters and PBI Canvas,Multi-Valued Parameter Lists
Creating Lists in Power Query, Converting Lists to Table Data, Advanced Edits and Parameters, Data Type Conversions, Expressions
Columns From Examples, Indexes, Conditional Columns, Expressions
Power BI Cloud – 1,Power BI Service Architecture, Power BI Cloud Components, Use App Workspace, Report Publish, Reports & Related Data
Creating New Reports in Cloud, Report Publish and Report Uploads, Dashboards Creation and Usage, Adding Tiles to Dashboards
Pining Visuals and Report Pages, Visual Pin Actions in Dashboards, LIVE Page Interaction in Dashboard, Dashboards Actions, Report Actions
Dataset Actions: Create Report, Share, Metrics and Exports, Mobile View & Dashboard Themes & A, and Pin Visuals, Export, Subscribe
Favourite, Insights, Embed Code, Featured Dashboards and Refresh, Gateways Configuration, PBI Service Gateway Types, Cloud Connections, Gateway
Data Refresh : Manual, Automatic, Power Query Expressions, Import and Upload Options in Excel, Excel Workbooks and Dashboards
Datasets in Excel and Dashboards, Using Excel Analyser in Power BI,Using Excel Publisher in PBI Cloud, Excel Workbooks, PINS in Power BI
Excel ODC Connections, Power Pivot, Row Level Security (RLS) with DAX,Need for RLS in Power BI Cloud, Data Modelling in Power BI Desktop
DAX Roles Creation and Testing, Adding Power BI Users to Roles, Custom Visualizations in Cloud, Create Report on PBI Services, View Usage Metrics
DAX Functions, Tips and Real Time Scenario

Laptop with good configuration, Power BI Desktop software






Power Bi : All In One by Sachin Agrawal