Power Pickup Seduction Mastery – Vince Kelvin



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Power Pickup Seduction Mastery - Vince Kelvin
Vince Kelvin – Power Pickup Seduction Mastery
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The program every seducer and pickup artist on the planet has been dreaming of, has finally come to life!!! So get ready to get real game and start to glow in the most magnetic ways, so you get laid the fastest way!!!

In this revolutionary pickup and seduction home training system, Vince astonishingly covers all the steps you’ll need to take women from connection, all the way into taking their clothes off!
Combining seminar and street footage, you’ll even get to follow Vince around as he picks up women and explains to you the steps he’s taking at the same time!!! Imagine getting the world’s greatest seduction education ever, while being entertained to the max as you witness in amazement Vince’s outrageous and very audacious innovative ways as he turns the crowded streets of sin city Las Vegas into a pickup class room!!!

Going back and forth between explanation, demonstration and application, the ideal pace of this program will smoothly turn you into a seduction machine in a record time that will have your buddies in awe!

This course remarkably covers so much ground, it would take decades of your own research to put together all the pieces of the pickup process in such an understandable, approachable, and applicable manner!

To assist you to apply what you learn right away, the five superbly organized sections include over 23 extremely practical exercises ranging from written assignements and guided visualizations to, of course, “in the field” practice. So get your front seat at Vince’s Power Pickup Boot Camp and be guided into getting laid in such a simple manner, that even beginners will get results right away, and so innovative that even the most advanced pickup artist will be blown away by the efficiency of the never seen before routines and gimmicks Vince has masterfully put together based on his x-rated wild real life experience as a true bad boy rock star like player and formal world-class expertise as an award-winning master hypnotist, success strategist and seduction instructor for now over 17 years!

A world record collection of 100s of brand new openers, patterns, rituals, hypnotic inductions, demos, gimmicks, routines, comebacks, closing and call back techniques, demonstrated on stage with Amy and the girls and in the streets with complete strangers!



Power Pickup Seduction Mastery - Vince Kelvin