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Profitable Brands by Top Figure
Profitable Brands – Top Figure | 6.82 GB

What You Get:
Section 1 – The Foundation
– Things We Wish We Knew Starting Out
– Secrets of Selling Online
– The Compound Effect
– How Mindset is Important to Your Success in Ecommerce

– The Learning Dip
– Intro to Ecommerce (General Store or Niche Store)
– What Makes A Winner Product
– How to Find Winning Products (Part 1)
– How to Find Winning Products (Part 2)
– About Us Page Strategy (NEW)*
– Ali Shark Product Research
– Dropshipping Center Product Research (Finding Hidden Jems)

Section 2 – Setting Up Your Brand
– Color Psychology in Your Brand
– Choosing A Good Business Name & Designing Your Logo
– Setting Up Your Shopify Store
– Adding A Product to Your Store
– Step-by-Step Designing Your Store
– Brand Aesthetics (NEW)*
– How to Set Prices For Your Products
– Loox Reviews
– The Importance of Customer Service
– How to Find Influencers For Your Brand
– Turning Customers Into Influencers (NEW)*
– Should You Use Paypal?
– How to Setup Stripe Payments
– How to Fulfill Orders When You Get Sales
– How to Increase Store Conversions
– Unboxing Experience (NEW)*
– All The Shopify Apps We Use (NEW)*
– Leveraging The Power of Upsells to Increase Conversions
– Q&A Interview w/ Influencer Sumaya Keynan 100k+ Followers
– Build To Sell (NEW)*
– Obtaining Funding & Credit (NEW)*

Section 3 – Launching Facebook Ads
– Understanding Facebook Advertising – Why Is Social Media FREE to Use?
– Creating Your Facebook Ad Account
– How Facebook Ads Works & Budget
– Good Ad vs Bad Ad
– Ad Testing Strategy (Updated)
– Setting Up Facebook Ads Part 1 – Setting Interests/Age/Demographic
– Setting Up Facebook Ads Part 2 – Adding Video Copy
– Creating The Perfect Thumbnail
– How to Make Custom Ad Videos
– Creating Custom Ad Creative Videos (NEW)*
– Break Even Point (BEP)
– How to Stay Profitable
– Setting Up & Reading Your Facebook Data Columns
– What is CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization) & When to Use It
– Custom Audiences & Lookalikes
– Managing Negative Comments (Ad & Page Moderation)
– Scaling Part #1
– Duplicating & Doubling Adsets Scaling #2 (Increasing Budgets
– Avoiding Ad Fatigue
– Ad Retargeting
– 0-$50,000 Case Study in 30 Days

– Daily Goal Journal *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*
– Bad Keywords To Moderate For Your Page & Ads
– Shopify Store Launch Checklist
– 21X ROAS Case Study Depesh Mandalia
– Books We Recommend Reading
– Dropshipping Center Link
– Contact Us, FAQ, and Returns Pages
– Shipping & Customs Template
– Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting
– Facebook Ad Copy Policy
– ePacket Countries List
– TikTok Viral Hooks





 Profitable Brands by Top Figure