Python Course Collection (2020)
Python Course Collection (2020)

Python Course Collection (2020)


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Python Course Collection (2020)
Python Course Collection (2020) | 10.7 GB

Pluralsight – Building Your First Python Analytics Solution [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Cleaning Data- Python Data Playbook [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Create and Share Analytics with Jupyter Notebooks [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Data Wrangling with Python [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Finding Relationships in Data with Python [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Importing Data- Python Data Playbook [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Interpreting Data Using Descriptive Statistics with Python [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Interpreting Data Using Statistical Models with Python [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Leveraging Online Resources for Python Analytics [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Advanced Generators and Coroutines [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Advanced Python [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Advanced Web Scraping Tactics- Python Playbook [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Core Python- Classes and Object-orientation [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Core Python- Functions and Functional Programming [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Core Python- Getting Started [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Core Python- Hashing and More Collections [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Core Python- Implementing Iterators, Iterables and Collections [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Core Python- Introspection [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Core Python- Numeric Types, Dates, and Times [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Core Python- Organizing Larger Programs [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Core Python- Robust Resource and Error Handling [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Core Python- The Numeric Tower, Conversion, and Operators [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Crawling the Web with Python and Scrapy [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Exploring Web Scraping with Python [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Extracting Data from HTML with BeautifulSoup [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Full Stack Web Development with Python (WEB2PY) [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Managing Python Packages and Virtual Environments [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Python Best Practices for Code Quality [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Python – Beyond the Basics [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Python- The Big Picture [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Scraping Dynamic Web Pages with Python and Selenium [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Scraping Your First Web Page with Python [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Unit Testing with Python [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Programming Python Using an IDE [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Pygal- Python Data Playbook [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Python for Data Analysts [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Understanding Databases with SQLAlchemy- Python Data Playbook [AhLaN].jpg
Pluralsight – Web Scraping- Python Data Playbook [AhLaN].jpg



Python Course Collection (2020)