Ramit Sethi – Overnight Resume Makeover (UP)


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Ramit Sethi - Overnight Resume Makeover (UP)
Ramit Sethi – Overnight Resume Makeover
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If you found your Dream Job, would your resume get you an interview? If youre like many of my readers, the answer is no. Chances are youd send your mediocre (or worse) resume off into the black hole of doom and never to hear a peep from anyone.

And then youd wonder how youll ever convince someone to hire you if you cant even get in the door. Hey guys, its Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You To Be Rich. After spending 100+ hours learning how to create the perfect resume and then landing job interviews at top-tier companies like Google, Intuit, Sun Microsystems and multi-billion dollar hedge funds I compiled all of my best resume and cover letter strategies and tactics into a single, simple program.

Ive already tested this program with hundreds of students who turned their ordinary, why-wont-anyone-call-me-back resumes into world-class, I-have-three-interviews-this-week resumes. This program has helped my students create resumes that land jobs at Apple, venture-backed start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and more.

Best of all, it only takes ONE night.
In one night, you can have a resume and cover letter ready to impress even the most jaded hiring manager.

Today, I invite you to sign up for my Overnight Resume Makeover List. Ill show you how you can create a resume that opens doors.

Even if you dont have a lot of experience
Even if you have holes in your resume
Even if youre trying to switch industries
Even if you think you dont have any accomplishments worth mentioning



Ramit Sethi - Overnight Resume Makeover (UP)


Ramit Sethi - Overnight Resume Makeover (UP)