Rapid Language Learning : Unleash Your Inner Polyglot by Chris Martins


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Rapid Language Learning : Unleash Your Inner Polyglot by Chris Martins

Rapid Language Learning : Unleash Your Inner Polyglot by Chris Martins
Rapid Language Learning : Unleash Your Inner Polyglot
Last updated 11/2020
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How to learn any language in an incredibly short time for travel, business or pleasure !

Welcome to the Rapid Language Learning Course ! This course will show you how to approach language learning the right way, from understanding grammatical ground rules to acquiring vocabulary and being able to actually use the language in real life situations. The course doesn’t teach you a specific language, but rather teaches you how to master any language at daily conversation level in weeks instead of years. This course is a Masterclass on Accelerated Language Learning.In this course, you will learn : how to memorize vocabulary quickly, how to select what to learn and what to dismiss. I will reveal to you the core structures you need to master to kickstart your initial understanding of the new language…I will show you how to take years of language experience and acquire them in just weeksYou will begin speaking in your new language after just a couple of weeks of practice. And much MUCH more !You don’t need years to learn a new language… You need a working strategy. This course is it. After a few weeks, you will be able to understand people speaking, and most of what they’re saying, and after just a few months, you will have mastered the core components and will be able to hold a conversation naturally. I did this for English, I did this for Japanese, I did this for Spanish, and I was able to communicate after just a few short weeks in those languages, while my friends were usually still stuck with only being able to use a few words… at best ! The course is taught in English, includes 29 lectures for over 100 minutes of video tuition, PDF Files for reference, presentations, and quizzes. The course is updated on a regular basis.In this course I show you how I do it, and how you can do it too…

What you’ll learn
Learn to acquire real speaking skills in any language you choose in a matter of weeks, even if you are “bad at languages”.
Discover the core knowledge that will unlock the inner workings of all languages and compress 1 year of language study in just 6 weeks.
Reach conversational fluency by learning vocabulary 3 times faster than average.
Use the 80/20 principle to focus on content that actually matters instead of whatever random material most method books would teach you.
Understand language structure by learning just 13 core sentences and 1 core language rule.
Discover what NOT to do to ensure an amazing progress rate, and what to do in the first few hours of your learning process.

No specific skillset if necessary prior to taking the course. Students just need to know how to use a regular search engine such as Google or Bing, create, edit and save text or document files, and knowing how to create, edit, and save spreadsheets for very basic tasks can be useful but is not mandatory.

This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn at least one new language to reach conversational fluency in the next 6 months. ,Business people would be an obvious audience, regular travellers, as well and people who want to travel to foreign countries and not depend on their native language and/or want to actually get in contact with native people from all over the world.,Foreign litterature students are not the target audience for this course, although they also can benefit from the content to improve their retention rate for vocabulary for example. ,This course is designed with “speaking skills” in mind, not writing skills. Oral fluency and freedom is the goal.






Rapid Language Learning : Unleash Your Inner Polyglot by Chris Martins