Real Social Dynamics - Execute The Program 2.0
Real Social Dynamics – Execute The Program 2.0
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Real Social Dynamics – Execute The Program 2.0


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Real Social Dynamics - Execute The Program 2.0
Real Social Dynamics – Execute The Program 2.0 | 5.81 GB

The Ruthlessly Efficient, Repeatable System For the Modern Day Online Gangster – RELOADED.
ETP v2.0 is far more than a collection of game tips. Watch the entire thing through and it will literally program your brain into thinking like a fucking gangster pimp. and it cuts right through all of the BULLSHIT of online dating to find you only hot women who are looking to get laid, and make them want to meet you TONIGHT.

Heres whats new in
Execute the Program v2.0:

Figuring out the OVERALL EFFECT your pictures and profile are having on women, beyond just the individual pics
How to get away with having terrible and cliched pictures that girls usually hate – with this one tip, you can post the same pics and they will be LOVING YOU.
LAME poses vs AWESOME poses for men
Discussion of emerging platforms such as Hinge and Bumble
Pinpointing and removing humor in your profile thats only funny to guys, not girls.
Tons of new, real examples of profiles that needed some work, and how their creators used the program to fix them.
Brand new examples of AWESOME profiles, and what the true measure of a great profile really is.

SCREEN. SCREEN. SCREEN. After YEARS of trial and error, I figured out a pattern of the girls who were just looking for sex. These parameters are the Pot of Gold of Online Game. Youll never go out with a girl who doesnt have sex on her mind when meeting with you
What REALLY counts in an opener when it comes to RESULTS aka actually getting to meet ups and sex – 4 important characteristics your opener MUST HAVE. I reveal brand new cutting edge openers that blow my old ones away – including my best opener ever
How to hit the precise TONALITY that makes girls attracted- Ill show you how to know exactly what youre subcommunicating to the woman with every message. Its not like a conversation in person, online theres no body language or voice inflections. In this section, youll see how to not leave anything open to interpretation.
How to be Witty – Wittiocy Explained
How to avoid flat-lining – where youre messaging back and forth and it just fizzles out. This will never happen again once you know the secret.
The INVESTMENT RATIOS concept. This is maybe the biggest revelation in ETP v2.0. One huge issue we saw after the original program was that guys were WAY more invested than the girl. Awareness of how much investment she has given you is the single most important thing in determining what your next step should be. The key is to make her invest in a CONTROLLED way, and in ETP v2.0 I explain exactly HOW to do this, in full detail.
The key is to do it in a CONTROLLED way, and in ETP2 I explain exactly HOW to do this, in full detail.
Going meta explained: how to play with genre awareness to add an additional layer of sophistication to your messages – it shows you stand out and know whats up – and thats half the battle.
When to shrug off her tests and plow, and when to go genuine and connect – understanding this distinction can be the difference between getting blocked by her, and actually meeting up with her.
How to take my lines from the original program and spin them into your own UNIQUE funnel based on your personality that will never get called out for being canned, or get you exposed on the date itself for not being congruent with what you messaged her
Value-Giving Texts clarified and explained. what exactly constitutes a value giving text and how you can generate them easily and at will, as needed.

This is where we get the job done. In a painstakingly detailed format, I WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO SMOOTH SAIL ALL THE WAY BACK TO YOUR PLACE. New strategies for the pull that make it even smoother so she leaves with you and comes right into your house, no
How to get HER chasing YOU on the actual date, so at the end of the night she pulls YOU and feels like shes won.
HOW TO MAKE HER ATTRACTED AND COMFORTABLE WITH YOU during the date, and the contingencies that come with it if youve successfully pulled her back to your home, but isnt sure if she should do it. I share every secret Ive got under my sleeve to close her.
How to run the second date and make sure you close the deal if it doesnt happen on the first meet up.



Real Social Dynamics - Execute The Program 2.0


Real Social Dynamics - Execute The Program 2.0