Rich Schefren, Jay Abraham – 5-Day AI Campaign Sprint


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Rich Schefren, Jay Abraham – 5-Day AI Campaign Sprint
Rich Schefren, Jay Abraham – 5-Day AI Campaign Sprint | 5.33 GB

Day 1: Research with Sam Woods
Walk away with a complete campaign strategy and
an A.I. conversion & calculation report. Sam’s
10 years of expertise in combining Al and
creativity will double or triple your leads and

Day 2: Long Copy with Jon Benson
Get copy for a sales page or a sales video script that will
sell more effectively on complete and total
auto-pilot. Jon is a master of Ethical
Persuasion, having helped thousands of
entrepreneurs reach millions of people Online,
and make billions of dollars.

Day 3: Short Copy with Matt Rizvi
Get email and Online ad copy that converts at a
higher rate – in 1/8 the time it used to take!
Matt is one of the world’s top email marketing
and direct response short-copywriting
experts, having helped countless businesses
increase their revenue with his skills in
copywriting, Online marketing, and business

Day 4: Visuals with Mars Burden
Produce a full set of graphics and high-converting
buttons in record time. Mars, founder of the
most successful online product launch team
in the history of digital marketing, will show
you how to rapidly produce a 100% a.i.
marketing campaign from end to end, in 1/5
of the time it would otherwise take!

Day 5: Audio/Video with Joshua Xu
Generate completely A.I. produced audio and
video avatar that only requires you to type a
few prompts. Joshua is the CEO of HeyGen a
deep tech, Generative A.I. SaaS platform that
grew annual recurring revenue by 1000% in
the first 6 months. This is 100% A.l. avatar
generation on the bleeding edge of





Rich Schefren, Jay Abraham – 5-Day AI Campaign Sprint