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RSD Max – The Natural

RSD Max – The Natural


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RSD Max - The Natural
RSD Max – The Natural
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Unlock your Inner Natural and Become The Guy Women Obsess Over. Hey guys Max here, today I wanted to share a story with you. If you’ve seen my last videos you probably saw me taking a girl home without saying a word. That’s pretty crazy right? However I didn’t always used to be that guy.

You see five years ago I lived in a small cow town in the Austrian Alps.

I was an extremely shy and insecure gamer .

And I loved nothing more than playing guitar.

This skill proved to be super valuable but more about that later .

If you would have seen at that time of my life I looked like a zombie .

I looked like that because when I used to go to bed at night I tried to fall asleep.

But I couldn’t .

I stared at the ceiling for hours on end.

I had these thoughts going through my mind over and over again.

“Why am I so lonely?”

I constantly asked myself this question.

“Why do I not have these gorgeous girls in my life?”

I hated myself for that.

I was so damn frustrated and felt this burning anger in my stomach.

I desperately wanted to change but I didn’t know how.

I felt was caught in this vicious circle of hell.

Like I was trapped in limbo with no way out.

I felt paralyzed.

Instead of taking action I loaded up on weed to numb these burning thoughts and tried to drink my pain away.

The Natural by RSD Max
Discover How to Escalate With 10’s The RIGHT WAY
(Stop Gaming Them Like 7s!)

I was so confused.

Girls say, “Be nice”.

Mens magazines tell you to spend hundreds of dollars on clothes.

Other guys say you need memorized lines and stories to impress the girl.

I always thought only douchebags get the girls.

And those romantic comedies I had to suffer through, oh man.

They always showed guys buying the girl flowers, going on endless dates hoping that she would make a move and lead you to the bedroom.

Little did I know how wrong I was.

One night I was driving by the club and saw all these hot girls in their fitting summer dresses standing outside laughing.

I was so frustrated.

I started googling “how to pickup girls” while I was so depressed.

All of a sudden I saw all this information about techniques and tactics.

But I was overwhelmed.

Who should I believe? Who has the correct and field tested information that would actually help me?

I read every e-book I could get my hands on.

I watched hundreds of hours of videos.

Just doing that did not lead to anything.

ZERO lays .

By now you’re probably asking yourself, “How did I achieve instructor level natural game?”

It all started when I remembered how I learned to play the guitar.but more about that later.

I knew this was POSSIBLE!

That’s why I needed to teach myself how to learn.

I sought out friends and mentors to support me to become that vision I had for myself.

I made becoming amazing with women my priority.

And I felt that burning fire inside me.

I went out testing everything I learned from books and videos.

After going out by myself I connected with people from an underground forum who would end up becoming my wings but also my best friends.

Marcus was the social circle game guy. He pulled really hot girls and he would continue to fuck her friends. That totally blew my mind!
From him I learned how to pay attention to the girl’s friends, how to built long lasting relationships and how to make sex a mutual win-win for you and the girl.
Other women would then recommend me to their friends haha.
Dominik was the social butterfly who made a ton of new friends wherever he went out to PIMP it. He was the complete opposite of me.
From him I learned that the people out there are not your enemies, they are your allies and can become your friends. It’s a matter of you making the conscious choice to see the positive in other people.
Dominik taught me the power of social proof and which I turned into a keystone of my game.
Through him I discovered the concept of passive attraction and how the venue can do the work for me.
Almin was the king of rock solid inner game. He knew how to reframe every rejection into something positive.
Vadet was like the prototypical alpha male who was very confident and had the body language of a rockstar.
I soaked up all of their capabilities and made them mine.

I was presented with a choice.

In the summer of 2014 I got the call from RSD.

I was offered to come to the United States and become Tyler’s assistant.

I could live a comfortable cushy life.

Or I could take the chance.

I dared TO INVEST in my future .

I toured the World for 18 months as an RSD coach, showed my Hot Seat, created over a hundred instructional videos and taught students on bootcamps .

All of these experiences lead me to UNCOVER the laws of natural game.

I realized that in order for me to become instructor level good, I needed to strip off all the “gamey” manipulative techniques.

When students meet me nowadays, the most important thing they notice about me is that I am relatable .

This is one very important aspect that you’ll learn on the journey to becoming a Natural.

By knowing those laws you can make game simple but not always easy.

If you learn to understand them you’ll turn into that guy that women flirt with, want to hang out with and OBSESS OVER.

With Natural Game – Height, Looks, Money DON’T MATTER

All change happen has to start on the inside first.

That’s why for the past SIX MONTHS I locked myself into a room in a tiny cow town in the Austrian Alps.

If you follow RSDMax on Snapchat you probably know what I am talking about.

Every morning I woke up with the sound of cowbells and I felt energized.

For twelve hours every day I deconstructed how I became that naturally cool guy that women love.

I couldn’t believe myself how far I’ve come after being a depressed loner for so long.

I analyzed all my lay reports and reviewed hundreds of hours of my own infield footage.

Read all of my past students emails and went over their success stories.

I distilled all of my teachings until I could see the patterns with so much CLARITY.

I developed a deep understanding of the underlying natural core laws of game.

That’s how I was able to reverse engineer my own process of becoming a guy that women can’t help but get drawn to and are dying to meet again and again and again.

I boiled all of it down into a simple system EVERYONE can learn.

The Natural by RSD Max
I developed this course specifically for you to “take you by the hand” through the ringer of crucial reference experiences that will reshape your reality drastically.

It’s the only way I could make sure you’ll develop yourself into that naturally attractive guy.

This course is built for you to get the insight and the knowledge of what it means to become a Natural with women.

But knowledge is worthless if you do not put it into action.

You see, many teachers of Natural Game tell you to just be cool, lean back and let the girl work for you.. that is GREAT for who already have tons of experience.

Someone who’s newer to the game will immediately FAIL, be confused and frustrated. I was there myself .

And even intermediate and advanced guys struggle to get that edge that puts them on path to mastery.

You’ll need some TRAINING WHEELS to shuttle you through the necessary reference experiences.

That’s why I have specifically designed EXCLUSIVE drills to help you step-by-step improve your game.

I peppered the ACTIONABLE CONCEPTS with infield footage to give you the best learning experience possible.

It’s like football players learning from their mistakes by watching their performances on video together with their coach.

Now let’s get into the nitty gritty, the course is divided into five parts.

Get the Step by Step Guide to Building Sexual Tension. Make Her Invest in You!

1. Your New World:

First we are going to define your new world outside of social conditioning.

It’s a matter of perspective.

And you can change your inner view of the world by installing POWERFUL FRAMES into your mind that will allow you to see the world with different set of eyes.

That’s why this section is going to give you the framework to UNDERSTAND how to become that guy women dream about. because they love to tune into a guy who is at ease with himself.

I am also going to reveal why women flock to nerds like me for one specific reason.
How you can turn your own life story into chick crack even if you were a shy guy like me.
How framing your reality the right away can cut your learning curve in half.
Why expressing how you feel on the inside will tickle her inner vixen because women hardwired to respond to powerful emotions
I am also going to reveal why not feeling good enough can be the #1 reason for not getting laid and how to CRUSH that belief .
Learn How to Have a Good Night EVERY NIGHT (Whether You Pull or Not) – The Power of Self Amusement Is Not What You Expect

2. Social Dynamics

The second part of this course is all about you learning about the hidden social dynamics.

Hold on tight you’ll learn how to see the matrix.

I am going to reveal to you how this new filter of your perception can give you an unfair advantage over every other guy at the club.
You will get to know why understanding women’s role in society will help you land more dates.
I am going to teach you how to develop a foolproof radar that will allow you to spot which women to approach and which to avoid. This will skyrocket your success massively
How understanding a hot girl’s reality will make her feel at ease with you and lead to more sex.
I will also show you why the three pillars of game (Attraction, Arousal and Connection) can MASSIVELY improve your results with women even if you are a newbie.
Shocking Infield Footage of Me Destroying Day Game! From Open to Pull In “The Max Hot Seat”

3. Building a Solid Foundation

The third part of this course will show you how building on a solid foundation will trump every technique you’ll ever learn.

I will show you how you can uncover your reason for approach anxiety and then help you eliminate it.
Why becoming social can be as easy as brushing your teeth if you make it a habit.
How to make knowing what to say effortless – like you would be talking to your best friend.
How you can unblock the four barriers that lead to learning the Million-Dollar Mouthpiece..
Why learning how to think and move like a natural can help you to develop those sub communications that women tune into subconsciously.
You’ll get to absorb my own MINDSET on how to learn faster and smarter to become good with women in months – not years.
Why touching women can be as easy as admiring a painting.
How to sharpen your focus to see the signs that women are attracted to you almost instantly.
Why knowing how to deal with rejection can make you standout against any other guy she’ll ever meet.
Make her obsess about you by learning how to leave an everlasting first impression.
How to make getting her number as simple as writing a grocery list.
How to set up dates like a boss.
Unlock the Mindsets & Belief Systems of a Naturally Attractive Man & Finally LET GO!

4. Sharpen Your Skills

The fourth part is all about sharpening your skills, if you already have the fundamentals down and you lack consistency in your game then this section is specifically for you.

Learn my simple and easy formula of how to vibe with any women which can make her want you even more.
I’ll also reveal how her not talking to you can be a good sign that she is interested in going home with you.
Why her friends can be the key to taking her home.
I’ll teach you how to operate from a natural carefree state and make going out super fun and enjoyable.
I’ll reveal why dry spells can make you come back even stronger.
How knowing how to react to her shit tests can play to your advantage.
How to deal with other guys who come into your set and have her dismiss them.
Why dates can be your fastest way to getting laid.
Why spending time with her throughout the night can be the #1 reason why she is leaving with you at the end of the night .
Why your ego can be your own worst enemy and how to tame it.
Don’t Miss Another Opportunity! Discover the Wording, Microexpressions, Tonality & Strategy Needed to PULL a Girl Home

5. Your Path to Mastery

The fifth part of the Natural is all about your path to mastery.

This final act contains all my lessons from the past years that brought me to instructor level and will massively benefit you if you are at an advanced stage of game.

If you’ve seen my latest videos, these are my latest breakthrough insights for your eyes only.

You will learn exactly what to do when pulling to your place is not possible.
How pulling during the day can be even faster than during the night.
Why understanding the law of passive attraction will get girls to game you.
You’ll learn how to become the leader of the group and develop perfect calibration.
How your relationship with her friends can make her want you even more.
Why figuring out her blueprint will get her to chase you super hard, because nobody understands her like you do
How the mindset of a newbie can finally get you consistent results.
How not saying anything can make her even more attracted to you.
Learn how to develop the mindset that allows you to pull without saying a word.
The whole course is supported by the Natural
Family Facebook group.
You’ll get to hang out with me and other like-minded folks who are on the same journey as you are.

You can connect with like-minded Natural Family members, share stories and ultimately get feedback about your sticking points.

More importantly, this group will keep you accountable throughout your own journey.

On top of that you’ll get to ASK ME ANYTHING you want!

But that’s not all folks, I have also recorded SPECIAL bonus videos specifically for you:

Bonus #1: 3 Exclusive Videos from the Vault
Video 1: Learn How to Become The Lover of Her Dreams
Video 2: How to Manage Multiple Relationships and Choose Your Dream Girlfriend
Video 3: Learn How to Live the Man in His Prime Lifestyle to Become a Social Leader

Bonus #2: 50 Shades of Max Lay Reports Ebook
10 Highly detailed, Brutally honest lay reports from each phase of my pickup journey

Bonus #3: An Exclusive Q & A Accountability Private Teleconference
Ask me anything LIVE and get in-depth answers about your sticking points.

Bonus #4: Become a Part of The Natural Family
Talk to like minded guys like you and get feedback about your progress from me personally. Hang out in The Natural Family Facebook and get help with your sticking points.

Bonus #5: The VIP In-Person Conference (or recording) Global Pass Ticket in London, NY, and LA
Meet me at a live event or receive a recording of it.



RSD Max - The Natural


RSD Max - The Natural