Seduction MindHacks (UP)
Seduction MindHacks (UP)

Seduction MindHacks (UP)


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Seduction MindHacks (UP)
Seduction MindHacks | SIZE: 7 GB

This video-based learning program is designed to show average guys how to use a series of loopholes in female psychology to meet, seduce, and have sex with hot women. It aims to show you how to have consistent success with hot women using a technique called mind hacking to make women attracted to you.

The program includes infield video footage via hidden camera. The steps and processes show interactions with women and break down those interactions to explain the methodology and tactics occurring in each moment.
Table of Contents
– How to avoid seduction mistakes
– How to chat up women in bars and on the street
– How to eliminate approach anxiety and rejection fears
– How to get her from the bar to the bed that same night
– How to release prudish women from their social conditioning and turn them into sex-crazed nymphos



Seduction MindHacks (UP)