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Sex Hacker Pro - Kenneth Play
Kenneth Play – Sex Hacker Pro | 6.39 GB

The quality of your sex life is not determined by your innate abilities but by your effort and ability to learn. We can learn to cook so much better, we can create amazing culinary experiences – we can adopt the same attitude to sexual experiences. We can get so much better.
My goal in this course is to distill sex techniques from world renowned sex educators, researchers, kinksters, and tantra masters to bring you the very best sex hacks.
– Build Real Self-Esteem
– Be able to deconstruct sexual preferences, knowing the exact techniques to use to create epic sexual experiences that exceed expectation
– Be a Kind, Skilled Lover
– Have Confidence in Yourself – Be Able to Let Go of Anxiety and Truly Enjoy Sex
– Adapt a Growth Mindset to Learning
– Not only gain technical skills, but the ability to sense the emotional state of your partner and how to shift when things aren’t working
– Find the Right Sensations to Let Your Partner Ride the Waves of Multiple Orgasms
– Learn the 20% of skills that are the most useful, impactful, and unforgettable
– Know When to Switch Moves like a Musician Combining Notes to Build a Melody
– Pleasure your partner with oral, penetration, kink, and more, opening the door to new experiences
– Touch Your Lover how She Wants, and Adapt with Confidence
– Understand the core principles — from anatomy, to neuroscience, to how sexual history informs your habits



Sex Hacker Pro - Kenneth Play