SOA Academy – Photorealism with Corona Renderer Online


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SOA Academy – Photorealism with Corona Renderer Online

SOA Academy - Photorealism with Corona Renderer Online
SOA Academy – Photorealism with Corona Renderer Online | 13.0GB

The creation of 3D photorealistic images is nowadays a frequent request from Clients. By combining SOA experience, gained in over 10 years of production, and the use of Corona Renderer, we developed a course that will let you achieve incredible results quickly and easily. Please check the Calendar page to see next dates for the live webinars. All webinars last 3 days and take place in the afternoon (approx 2 hours each). Italian timezone.

What you’re going to learn.

Corona Renderer Interface
Being familiar with the Corona Interface inside 3ds Max will allow you to speed up your rendering workflow. From the visible and hidden buttons, you’ll know everything about your favorite render engine.

Understanding the Camera
The camera is an essential tool to master composition and to understand how to balance the exposure of your images, to control the DOF and the motion blur on your animation. Starting with the basics of real camera skill you’ll know how to work with parameters in the CoronaCam.

Painting with lights
Light is one of the main aspects a student has to know for the creation of a good 3D image. In the course, you’ll see different case studies and also work with artificial lights. Discover the full potentiality of the software and solve issues that you might be found with lighting in this engine for 3dsmax.

Realistic Materials
Create every type of material, design and reproduce high-resolution textures, understand how a material works in real life and recreate them with the engine.

Corona Scatter
Create and manage the scattering of your geometries without using third-party software. Corona Scatter is already included in the renderer and it will help you create your natural landscape or the scattering of objects within a scene in just a few simple clicks. People will be impressed by its effectiveness and speed.

Rendering workflow
Learn how to set up the Corona Renderer version 6 parameters to achieve the production quality and the workflow we use in Studio for rendering multiple images, animations and how to extract the render elements for the post-processing.

How to avoid problems
In this lesson, you’ll learn how to face typical issues that frequently occur in studio production and develop a steady workflow to be efficient and flexible with the software.

Advanced atmospheric FXs
Transform your 3D environments with volumetric effects. You’ll learn to change the look of your image by using unusual atmospheres thanks to the power and flexibility of Corona Renderer for 3ds max.

Two webinars to refine your workflow
Join us for 2 live webinars from our studio, on practical lighting setup techniques and complex material creation. The live webinars are also meant to cover all advanced aspects of Corona Renderer.

One final webinar for questions
At the end of every course, you’ll have one last live webinar with your SoA Instructors to ask questions and clarify your doubts related to the classes you attended. In this way, nothing will be left apart. All for your personal complete learning experience.





SOA Academy - Photorealism with Corona Renderer Online