SoundSpot Nevo v1.0.1 (Mac OS X)


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SoundSpot Nevo v1.0.1 (Mac OS X)

SoundSpot Nevo v1.0.1 (Mac OS X)
SoundSpot Nevo v1.0.1 (MacOS) [MORiA]
MORiA | July, 15 | AU | VST | VST3 | AAX | 66.7 MB

NEVO Is SoundSpot’s New Monster Clipper, Which Has Been Developed By Our In House Audio Wizards To Give You The Ultimate Peak Control When Either Mastering Audio, Or Enhancing Your Virtual Instruments Or Hardware Instruments. NEVO Is No Ordinary Clipper, There Are A Wealth Features And Controls That Will Leave You In Awe Of It’s Sonic Ability, Whilst At The Same Time Being Easy To Use And Totally Inspirational.

Nevo Features A Combination Or A 16 Band Soft Clipper And A Single Band Hard Clipper, Along With Multiple Colouration Settings, A Transient Shaper And A Final Clip Wall Limiter. All Of These Features Have Been Arranged Into A Specific Signal Flow Which Has Been Meticulously Designed And Tested So You Can Get The Very Best Sound From Your Instruments, Groups, Mixes And Masters. With An Infectious Workflow And Instant Results NEVO Is The Plugin You’ve Always Needed In Your Arsenal Of Audio Production Plugins……

NEVO Is Stacked With The Following Features
DRIVE This function allows you to transition from light tape drive to hard tube drive when raising and lowering the % control.
CURVE Adjusting this will allow you to transition through the clipping of the low and high end of your sound. Moving this control from Left to right will increase the effect on the high end, and then move Right to Left to increase the effect on the low end. Curve works by tilting the bias between high and low, whilst also lightly removing frequencies at the same time.
SMOOTH The Smooth control works by increasing the release on the 16 clipping bands, whilst also smoothing out the effect of the Drive distortion.
CRUSH This function allows you dial in a Bit Crushing effect, which in turn provides control of how much sonic destruction is required for your signal. You will find that the Breach function will also affect this by softening the Crush strength when moving the dial from 0 to 100%..
BREACH Using this function will allow you to control the amount of transients you may want to pass through the clipper control of your signal.
SOFTEN This is like a smoothing function, but will only affect the single band of the hard clipper. Soften works in two ways. 1, When Breach is at Zero, it will soften the Crush effect. 2, When Breach is at 1 – 100%, it will give you a fatter sound whilst retaining the transients that Breach has allowed to pass.
COLOURATION This control enables you to add three variations of colour to your sound. These options are, WARM, TRANSPARENT and BRIGHT.
TRANSIENT EMPHASIS This option gives you three types of transient emphasis in either the LOW, MID or HIGH frequencies.
CLIP WALL This is a final brickwall limiter that also allows for your signal to be aggressively PULLED/SQUASHED to extremes.
WAVEFORM DISPLAY, SOFT/HARD CLIPPER MIX CONTROLS & SIGNAL LEVEL RING This central display gives you visual feedback details on the effect NEVO is having on your sound.
Effects like the amount of transient being allowed back through the clipper control.
The controls which are situated to the left and Right of the Waveform Display Window are mix controls for the soft and hard clippers.
Left mix control is for the soft clipper, and Right mix control is for the hard clipper.
The Waveform Display Window has a coloured ring/glow surrounding it that measures the amount of gain reduction generated by the clippers and end Clip Wall Limiter.
If you are reaching extreme signal levels, it will abruptly turn Red.
If you then reach acceptable levels, the ring will fall back to Blue.
Nevo is a Feature rich powerhouse of a plugin, that sounds as good as it looks.