Sphere of Influence : Andre Chaperon


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Sphere of Influence : Andre Chaperon
Sphere of Influence with Andre Chaperon | 2.57 GB
Genre: eLearning Video / Business, Sales, Marketing

The Product Sphere of Influence (SOI) covers the entire “front-end” of the marking funnel (in a unique and different way).

y front-end, I mean everything that happens leading up to someone adding themselves to your email list or taking a desired action. (In some cases, that “action” could be making a purchase, registering for a webinar, filling out an application; whatever.) Example (at a high-level):
Someone sees an ad of yours (on Facebook), or an article you’ve written and published on the internet.

(As an aside: The traffic modules in SOI teaches how to do all of this.)
They read it, are attracted to the story/idea/concept/hook (or what I like to call “a story hook of value”), and click.
They end up on your website, at the start of your MPPS (multi-page presell site), where the “value narrative” continues.
An MPPS is a “filtering system,” which, at its core, works to earn the trust and attention of the right people; PULLING them forward.
An MPPS also “filters out” the wrong people (everyone else).
The distinction of PULLING (what SOI teaches) and PUSHING (the majority of direct response marketing) is an important one.

The dynamic (PULLING vs. PUSHING) changes how people see and respond to you. The former is a person whose attention you have and control, the later being your typical distracted attention deprived “goldfish” prospect.

There is more to SOI than this high-level, of course. The nuances is where all the leverage is; the between the lines stuff. Once you know the basics, the breakthroughs come in the nuances.

Instead of shallow content, shallow communication, shallow connections, in SOI we do deep.

Instead of creating content for “everyone” to snack on, we filer out everyone and create DEPTH and NUANCE for just “a few people” who care to be PULLED in deeper.

This is the essence of what SOI is about.
You’ll Become A Better Marketer

SOI will teach you how to be a better marketer.

You’ll learn a strategic principles-based skill that’s transferable to the marketing you already do, and the marketing you’ll do for years to come.

Marketing that won’t become “stale” because what you’ll learn is not based on shortcuts, hacks, loopholes, or some flavor-of-the-month tactic.

SOI isn’t about product launches. It’s not about engineering promotions. Not directly, anyway.

Rather: You’ll learn how to create empathy-lead marketing that connects emotionally with the people you seek to serve.

You’ll learn how to move people from prospect to customer because you’ve demonstrated you understand their problem, and have a solution they care about and want.

When you do this well, “selling” becomes superfluous. It’s a thing of beauty when you create an asset that behaves like this.
Quote from Peter Drucker

You’ll learn how to create human-to-human marketing that matters to just the few people you seek to serve.

If this resonates with you, the method I’ve codified into SOI will blow your mind. It’ll reframe marketing for you. And, I have no doubt, will change the game for you.

You owe it to yourself, and the people you seek to serve, to become a better marketer, and SOI will show you how.

If you have any (pre-sales) questions, let me know. I’m here to support you.



Sphere of Influence : Andre Chaperon


Sphere of Influence : Andre Chaperon