The Banter Guide – The Wing Girl Method

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The Banter Guide – The Wing Girl Method
The Wing Girl Method – The Banter Guide
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This Guide Gives You a Powerful Girl-Attracting WEAPON!
Look: this guide was made for guys who weren’t blessed with model-like looks, or millions of dollars in their bank account, or celebrity status.

This guide is for the average man who wants to date and sleep with drop-dead gorgeous women… week after week… month after month… until he gets bored or chooses to settle for that one special girl.
The strategies and secrets unveiled inside the Banter Guide literally erases the need for good looks, money or status… and gives you a 10x stronger “weapon” to…
..attract girls like a super-charged, sex-magnet!
What this guide will force-feed into your brain will take your “game” with girls to AT LEAST a 9/10… literally overnight…
…EVEN IF you’re stuck at a 1 right now.
Trust me, that’s not a prediction. That’s a spoiler ; )
The ONLY way this guide will fail to help you is if you set it aside… and never actually use it. (And I don’t think that’s your intention, is it?)
Here’s A Sneak Peek At What You’ll Discover Inside The Banter Guide:

The 3 Ridiculously-Easy Steps To Sharpen Your Wit Overnight!
How to Come Up With “Smooth” Conversation Openers On The Fly!
How to Make Anything Sound Funny And Engaging – Even The Most Mundane Stuff!
The 2 Wickedly-Effective Formulas To Think Up Witty Things To Say… In Any Given Situation!
How to Come Up With Witty Comebacks To Literally Any Insult or Tease… Without Breaking A Sweat!
​How to Banter And Make Her Laugh Over Text
How to Be Sarcastic, Without Being A Jerk
​What To Do When You Brain “Freezes” During A Conversation

The Banter Guide Also Includes a Free Bonus:
The Conversation Sniper
The Conversation Sniper was written by world renowned dating expert Mark Sing, and it includes 101 witty lines to breath life into dying conversations.