The Copywriting Course (FULL SUITE 2022) – Neville Medhora


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The Copywriting Course (FULL SUITE 2022) - Neville Medhora
Neville Medhora – The Copywriting Course (FULL SUITE 2022) | 69.52 GB

What You Get:
Copywriting Course
Start here. This is the original video course that’s taught thousands of people to create copy, content, and emails that bring in the dollars.

The 25 Min Crash Course
This is a 25 minute quick course you can show to your colleagues or employees so they understand how important copywriting is to their work.

Email Writing Course
This is one of those courses that distills years of our experience sending hundreds of millions of emails into a course that can drastically improve your emails, especially cold emails.

Ad Platform Advice
This is a course that covers paid traffic platforms. We show high level overviews about how to THINK about these platforms and utilize them best.

Autoresponder Course
This is the course that will teach you the secrets of writing copy all through an autoresponder sequence. This is a key piece of building an audience.

How To Guides
This is a simple guide on how to use your Copywriting Course. It will teach you how to use the hundreds of videos, the active community forum, and get help with copy.

Content Writing Course
This is the course where we go in-depth on content writing. This kind of training is what gets people ranked at the top of Google, and massive amounts of shares for their articles.

Website Tuneup
This course goes through the way to think about certain pages, examples of each, and technical details for each. This covers basics like home pages, about pages, sales pages, signup pages, and more

Get Your First Freelance Gig
We’re here to make some dang money! This course guides you through each step of getting your first client.

Become A Copywriter Course
This is designed to help you kick off (or improve) your career as a freelance copywriter. It will take you through everything you need to know from starting out, to getting new clients, to charging premium rates.

Autoresponder Bank
This is a bank vault full of different autoresponders that’ve been proven to work. It’s quite difficult to start an autoresponder completely from scratch, so it’s nice to have access to a bank full of written examples.

Course About Building A Course
This is a course dedicated solely to….building a course! A lot of people are fascinated by the crazily good economics of selling informational courses, and so we created a course all about that.

At Copywriting Course we’ve constantly spouted the insane power of images to convey information versus just copy, so we created a course training you how to make basic images using no paid software.

This course goes over getting search engine traffic to your website. It’s actually not complicated as many people think. We go over how to do it on your own website, and show examples of others also.

This is a collection of very important concepts you should know like The AIDA Formula, 70% Content, 30% Sales, Formatting and more. These are important lessons to learn that come up over and over again.

Sometimes we just want a computer to do all the work for us, so this is a collection of copywriting tools, copywriting generators, and helpful calculators you can use in your work.

Practice on your copywriting skills with these assignments.

Talking copywriting with business owners.

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The Copywriting Course (FULL SUITE 2022) - Neville Medhora